A Comprehensive Guide: How to Effectively Cancel Tawtheeq in Abu Dhabi

Tawtheeq refers to the property registration and lease contract documentation system in Abu Dhabi. It is administered by the Abu Dhabi Municipality and is required for all properties rented out in the emirate. When a tenant rents a property, the landlord has to register the lease contract with the Tawtheeq system within 60 days. This generates a Tawtheeq contract number that formally registers the lease. At the end of the lease term, the Tawtheeq contract needs to be cancelled through the official channels before the tenant can vacate the property. The Tawtheeq system was introduced to regulate the real estate sector and ensure formal lease agreements between landlords and tenants in Abu Dhabi. It provides a database of all leased properties, details of landlords and tenants, and a record of lease contracts.

Importance of Understanding the Cancellation Process

It is crucial for both landlords and tenants to understand the Tawtheeq cancellation process in Abu Dhabi due to the following reasons:

1. Fines and Penalties: There are substantial fines if the Tawtheeq contract is not cancelled properly before the tenant vacates the property. The landlord can face fines of up to AED 10,000.

2. Tenant’s Security Deposit: The tenant’s security deposit can only be refunded once the Tawtheeq contract is cancelled officially after they move out.

3. New Lease Contracts: The property owner cannot lease the property to new tenants until the earlier Tawtheeq registration is cancelled.

4. Smooth Transition: Understanding the cancellation process facilitates a smooth transition of property handover, security deposit returns, utility connections, etc. between the landlord and tenant.

Overview of Tawtheeq Cancellation Guide

This comprehensive guide on cancelling Tawtheeq contracts in Abu Dhabi covers: – Brief background on why proper cancellation of Tawtheeq is important – Step-by-step online process of how tenants can cancel the Tawtheeq contract through the TAMM digital platform – Step-by-step offline process of how tenants can cancel the contract by visiting the Abu Dhabi Municipality office – List of documents required from tenants and landlords for the cancellation – Answers to common questions and queries on the Tawtheeq cancellation process The guide aims to equip tenants with clear, accurate information on terminating their Tawtheeq lease contracts smoothly as per regulations when vacating properties in Abu Dhabi.

Brief Explanation of the Significance of Canceling Tawtheeq

As outlined earlier, formally cancelling the Tawtheeq contract before the tenant moves out of a leased property is critical due to the following implications: Penalties: Failure to cancel Tawtheeq can lead to fines of up to AED 10,000 imposed on the landlord as per Abu Dhabi laws. Tenants may also face difficulties retrieving security deposits and attesting future rental contracts if their previous lease is not formally terminated. New Lease: Property owners cannot lease out the property to new tenants until the earlier Tawtheeq registration is officially cancelled after the earlier tenant vacates the property. Tenant Rights: Cancelling the Tawtheeq contract is important for upholding tenant rights with regards to proper documentation, security deposit refunds, etc. in line with regulations. Thus, both landlords and tenants should comply with Tawtheeq cancellation guidelines outlined in this article before property handover, to avoid legal complications and financial losses.

Online Cancellation Process

Tenants can now cancel their Tawtheeq lease contracts fully online, without visiting any offices physically. This can be done through the TAMM digital platform using the following step-by-step process:

1. Visit the TAMM portal and create an account if you do not already have one. Ensure all personal details are accurate.

2. Log in to your TAMM account and under the “Real Estate Services” tab, select “Cancel a Lease Contract”.

3. Fill in the required details about your existing Tawtheeq contract such as contract number, property details, landlord’s information, etc.

4. Specify your preferred cancellation date and reason for cancellation/vacating the property.

5. Make the online payment of the Tawtheeq cancellation fee which is typically AED 160.

6. Upload soft copies of all the required documents listed in the next section.

7. Review and submit your Tawtheeq cancellation request through TAMM.

Steps for Online Cancellation via TAMM Platform

Below are the key steps involved in cancelling your Tawtheeq lease contract in Abu Dhabi through the self-service TAMM digital platform:

1. Create a TAMM account and log in

2. Select “Cancel a Lease Contract” under Real Estate Services

3. Fill details of existing contract – number, property, landlord info

4. Pick cancellation date and reason for cancellation

5. Pay cancellation fee (typically AED 160) online

6. Upload scanned copies of Emirates ID, passport, Ejari contract

7. Upload copy of landlord’s Emirates ID and passport

8. Tick declaration box agreeing to terms and conditions

9. Review and submit request on TAMM for digital processing

10. Track status online – request is approved in 2-3 working days

11. Tawtheeq contract cancellation is completed fully online Thus, TAMM facilitates quick, paperless cancellation of Abu Dhabi lease contracts without visiting any office physically.

Offline Cancellation Process

Tenants can also cancel their Tawtheeq contracts offline by visiting the Abu Dhabi Municipality office directly. The key steps involved are:

1. Visit the Property Management section at the Municipality office.

2. Take a ticket for the Tawtheeq cancellation service and await your turn.

3. Provide originals and copies of documents like Ejari contract, Emirates IDs, passports.

4. Fill out the contract cancellation application form available at the office.

5. Submit the form along with supporting documents at the counter for verification.

6. Pay the Tawtheeq cancellation fee over the counter via cash or credit card.

7. Track the application status online using your reference number.

8. Once approved, the contract is cancelled within 2-3 working days.

9. Visit the office again to collect the documents submitted earlier. While offline cancellation enables you to get instant document verification, the process is lengthier compared to online cancellation of Tawtheeq contracts through TAMM.

Necessary Documents for Cancellation

The key documents tenants need to submit for cancelling their Tawtheeq lease contracts in Abu Dhabi are:

1. Original and copy of passport – containing UAE residence visa page

2. Original and copy of Emirates ID card

3. Copy of Ejari contract or Tawtheeq lease contract

4. Copy of landlord’s passport – residence visa page

5. Copy of landlord’s Emirates ID card

6. Tenancy contract termination letter – signed by tenant and landlord

7. Proof of payment of housing fee tax to Abu Dhabi Department of Finance Failure to provide these mandatory documents can lead to delays or rejection of the Tawtheeq cancellation request so tenants must keep them ready in advance. The process is faster and smoother when all paperwork is complete accurately.

Common Queries and FAQs

Some common questions tenants have about cancelling Tawtheeq contracts in Abu Dhabi include:

1. How early can I apply for cancellation before contract end date? You can submit cancellation request max two months in advance. The cancellation date cannot be more than 60 days from application date.

2. Can I cancel without landlord’s consent? Yes, tenant can independently cancel the contract without needing landlord’s approval.

3. Will my visa cancellation be affected? No, your visa status is not impacted by cancelling the property lease contract.

4. Can I cancel contract if registered under company’s name? Yes, even properties registered under company name can be cancelled by authorized signatories. Relevant trade license copies will need to be provided.


In summary, cancelling Tawtheeq contracts in a timely and proper manner as per regulations is critical for tenants vacating leased properties in Abu Dhabi. This prevents legal issues, fines, delays in receiving security deposit refunds, attesting future contracts, visa cancellations, etc. for both tenants and landlords. We have covered a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know around cancelling Tawtheeq – online and offline procedures, documents required, answers to common questions, etc. Whether you choose to cancel through the convenient TAMM portal or physically visit the Municipality office, following accurate protocols is vital. As the official lease contract system for Abu Dhabi, it is mandatory to formally terminate your Tawtheeq registration before handing over property to ensure a smooth transition that safeguards your interests. We hope this article has provided clarity on how tenants can properly cancel Tawtheeq contracts.

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