These are Dubai’s best pasta dishes, according to team What’s On

Knowing where – and what – to eat is one of What’s On’s strong strengths. When it comes to pasta, all parties has an opinion, so we’ve created a list of our favourites across town.

Tagliolini al Tartufo, Alici

This simple Amalfi Coast-inspired dish is an appreciation of coastal Italian cuisine and a perfect show of Alici’s amazing menu, with tagliolini ribbons, zesty parmesan, and generous shavings of black truffle. – Group Editor Alice Holtham.

Linguine alle Vongole,Luigia

There’s no wrong way to pair seafood and pasta, but one of my favourite bowls is at Luigia, which offers standard Italian fare. The clam spaghetti with extra virgin olive oil and parsley lets the clams speak for themselves. Of course, metaphorically… – Senior Online Reporter Miles Buckeridge.

My own creation, The Pasta Guyz

This low-cost spaghetti recipe has a further advantage of not requiring you to leave your couch. The Pasta Guyz, which serves around the city, serves customers hot and delicious pasta meals in a hurry. Select one of their trademark pasta food, such as the Tuscan chicken mac and cheese, or customise your own bowl with their build your own option. For me, that generally involves a side of chilli oil and parmesan. – Aarti Saundalkar, Online Reporter.

Lobster Pasta, Flamingo Room by tashas

The lobster pasta, a Flamingo Room hallmark, is best shared, though after your first mouthful, you’ll definitely want to keep it all to yourself. There are half and whole dish options, both served in the lobster shell. This meal is skillfully made by excellent chefs and served with crème fraiche, red onion, and roasted cherry tomatoes. Tamara Wright is an online reporter.

Ravioles de Royan, Odeon

Who says the French can’t cook pasta? When it comes to pasta, I take things seriously. For a long time, my go-to dish was the chicken lasagna at Paul, but the moment I saw the ravioli at Odeon, I was sold. Do yourself a favour and go over to savour the creamy sauce with a coating of chives and just enjoy every bite. Shelby Gee, Jr. Reporter.

Rigatoni alla Carbonara, Antonia Abu Dhabi

This one needs special note. This rigatoni is as creamy, lovely, and wonderful as I’d like my bank account to be. I’m not generally a fan of tomato sauce, but the simplicity of the carbonara feels has won me over. This is a real classic. Junior Reporter Manaal Fatimah.

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