Abu Dhabi to open world’s largest artificial surf park in early 2024

While Abu Dhabi opened the doors to the colder slopes of Snow Abu Dhabi this year, water sports lovers in the capital and around the UAE have reason to be happy for the world’s largest and most modern artificial wave complex is due to open in early 2024.

The huge complex on Hudayriyat Island is only one part of a huge Modon concept that will consist of a regional first velodrome and Abu Dhabi’s longest city park.

Surf Abu Dhabi will sit alongside attractions such as the wheel world utopia Trail X, the lip trick and half-pipe haven Circuit X, and enticing facilities such as a close to the beach outdoor gym, an array of sports courts, an indoor 321 Sports activity centre, a rock climbing wall and elevated rope assault course, and OCR – the UAE’s largest permanent challenges course, now open for alfresco cross-fit beastings.

Surf’s up

The What’s On surf sport journalist dubbed the planned feature as “a gnarly corduroy monster factory” after diving deep into the Surf Abu Dhabi specs earlier this year. That seems to be a good thing. It was developed in collaboration with the Kelly Slater Wave Co., an outfit led by pro surfing royalty (and World Surf League champion a record 11 times). With the ability to hold major tour challenges and the artificial surfing world’s longest ride, largest barrel, and largest man-made wave pool, this certainly is world-class water sports. But it’s not only for experienced surfers; the facility will also provide thrills for beginners and aspiring Point Breakers, with almost no risk of getting mangled on a sand bar.

Up cycling

Velodrome Abu Dhabi, set to complete in 2025, is expected to be the region’s first UCI Category 1 indoor cycling circuit. This allows them to hold international championships and sell an array of track-based competitions. A rooftop track with a 600-meter riding suspicion being up along its exterior walls, displaying an amazing 360-degree panorama of Hudayriyat and the jagged Abu Dhabi skyscraper skyline beyond, is one of the highlight attractions to enjoy.

Parks ‘n’ Rec

And if you want your time outdoors to be more leisurely, a 2.25 million square metre city park, the largest of its kind in the emirate, will provide enough of that. It’ll put you right in the middle of nature, with amenities like an elevated bike track and a mangrove forest stroll. Hikers and cyclists are also going across an eco-farming region, eating and drinking businesses, playgrounds, and an events valley.

The rest

The completed Hudayriyat product will contain luxury home villas situated on and around two hill towns with beautiful high desert island vistas. The city will also benefit from an additional 53.5 kilometres of groomed coastline, with a whole 16 km allocated to new beaches.

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