What to do before moving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Are you moving to Abu Dhabi from Dubai? Moving to the capital city for a new career or a change in lifestyle might be a daunting experience for someone who has never done it before. There are a lot of things to take care of, such finding your new home, selecting the best moving company, and disconnecting your DEWA account at the current Dubai apartment. Furthermore, it could all seem too much.

MyBayut has put out a checklist to make things simpler on you. Here is all the information you need to know before moving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, from selecting the best property type to hiring the right moving services.

Things to consider before moving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

It could seem daunting moving from Dubai to the nation’s capital if you have never done it before. Here is a list of priorities that you may add to your to-do list and cross off one at a time to make the work easier.

Choose the right property type

Initially, the transfer must be beneficial for your new Abu Dhabi home. The place you choose to live should to work for the entire family. It’s beneficial to choose a flat that’s close to the place of employment or easily reached by transportation if you’re a professional moving to Abu Dhabi for work.

In terms of property type, single people or couples in Abu Dhabi might elect to rent one-bedroom flats. A two-bedroom home for rent in Abu Dhabi can be your best bet if you have young children. You could also take a look at Abu Dhabi apartments for sale if you want to remain for a long time.

If you would rather stay somewhere bigger, you might want to look into renting a villa in Abu Dhabi. Are you trying to find a house that won’t break the bank? Focus your search on the best areas in Abu Dhabi to buy or rent reasonably priced villas.

Disconnect your DEWA account

It is necessary to disconnect your DEWA service prior to moving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. The only public provider of power and water services in the emirate is the Dubai power and Water Authority (DEWA). It’s crucial that you terminate your DEWA account. If not, bills will still be sent to you after you move out of your being home.

You can move your current DEWA account if you move inside the city. But you have to disconnect it if you are moving to another emirate, like Abu Dhabi.

Deactivating your DEWA account at least a week before to your move is advised.

You can achieve this in two ways:

In person at a customer happiness center

To make the request, just go to the Customer Care or Customer Happiness Centre that is nearest to you. Along with your passport or Emirates ID, a copy of your previous DEWA bill must be submitted. Following a successful submission of the form, two to three days will pass before you receive your final bill. In besides picking up your deposit, you can pay the bill at the DEWA office.

Online via the DEWA website

You can log onto the DEWA website or disconnect from being connected offline. Following payment of your bill, you will need to do the following:

  • Select the date of your move-out along with a working phone number.
  • At this point, indicate how you want to pay for your DEWA security deposit.
  • An email or text message involving a move-out notice number will be sent out.

Get a move permit

When moving in or out of some buildings in Dubai, residents might have to get authorizations from the management or building developer. For Emaar projects, for instance, a move-out permission is needed. The Views, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, and Dubai Creek Harbour are all covered by an Emaar move-in or move-out permit. In addition, you must provide papers that are available on Ejari online, such as copies of your lease contract, passport, and visa, before authorization is issued.

Speak with your building supervisor to find out if this applies to you before thinking about moving to Abu Dhabi.

Hire a reliable moving service

The greatest moving companies are worth hiring if you’re moving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. The relocation can go easier and you can focus on other things if you hire a reliable moving company. Listed below are some things to search for when selecting a good service:


The service should to be flexible enough to fit into your schedule. For example, if your lease is about to end and you must move quickly, you may want one that provides 24-hour services.

Moving insurance

While moving furniture from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, accidents might occur. It is possible for fragile things to break when being transported or unloaded. Thus, it is sense to select a service that is covered for losses and gives you the option to file a claim for compensation if necessary.

Choose a package that suits you

You could opt for a business that provides a “fully-managed” moving or a “self-move,” for example. The former is more affordable. But a fully managed service will be your best bet if you want to relocate a large number of things.

Moving Rrom Dubai to Abu Dhabi -transportation

The actual trip is the next step after selecting a moving company. Families or single people travelling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi usually employ their own cars as their means of transport. Nonetheless, people lacking personal transportation can constantly rely on public transportation services to travel between different emirates.


The quickest way to go between the two emirates, other than driving themselves, is to use the taxi service. The cost of driving might be between AED 250 and AED 300 for a one-way trip, depending on the volume of traffic and the new home’s position in the capital.

Intercity bus service

The intercity bus service between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is a good choice if you want to move from Dubai to Abu Dhabi for as little as possible. These include the E100 and E101, which carry people from various parts of Dubai.

Remember to get a NOL card, an electronic bus pass system provided by the RTA, before buying a ticket. Before departing, be sure to check the amount on your NOL card, if you already have one.

See our comprehensive examination of the many ways to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to have a greater awareness of the different travel alternatives between the two cities.

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