Catch a partial lunar eclipse in the UAE this month

On Saturday, October 28, the Mleiha Historical Centre, Sharjah’s largest archaeological and eco-tourism responsibility, will hold a partial moon eclipse watching. Tourists will be able to witness the exciting celestial show in real time while spending the night below the stars.

The viewing starts at 8 p.m. in the specially created Panorama Lounge in the Mleiha Desert. The whole agenda comprises an introductory lecture, presentation, guided telescope viewing of the moon and planets, and naked-eye viewing of the lunar eclipse. The whole thing will end at 1 a.m.

So, what is a partial lunar eclipse?

A partial lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth’s shadow obscures the moon partly. During a total moon eclipse, the sun, Earth, and moon are usually perfectly aligned in a straight line, with the Earth in between the two. As a result, the Earth’s shadow obscures the moon and completely tints it crimson.

As the name suggests, the alignment is not perfect in a partial one, causing the shadow to fall incompletely, resulting in only part of the moon appearing red.

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets for the viewing are Dhs200 per people for adults and Dhs150 for juniors. This price also includes supper. Admission to the event is free for children aged five and under, but food is not provided.

Over in Dubai…

Are you able to travel to Sharjah? The Astronomy Club in Dubai will also be presenting the film on Saturday, October 28 from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. at the Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre at Mushrif Park.

General tickets for entry are Dhs60 for seniors and Dhs40 for children under the age of 13. There will be a question and answer session, telescope watching, and phone pictures (through the telescope).

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