All single-use bags to be banned in Dubai from June 1, 2024

Shoppers in Dubai should take note: starting on June 1, 2024, all single-use bags will be prohibited. This includes plastic single-use bags.

With a few exceptions, single-use plastic bags were outlawed in Dubai on January 1. However, starting in June, all single-use bags made of other materials will be prohibited. As part of the emirate’s efforts to become greener, single-use goods are being phased out completely throughout the city.

Although the announcement was made at the end of the previous year, Dubai Municipality’s guidelines this week confirmed the news.

The next year will see the implementation of more prohibitions. Single-use plastic items, such as stirrers, tablecloths, cups, styrofoam food containers, straws, and cotton swabs, will be outlawed citywide on January 1, 2025.

After that, on January 1, 2026, plastic items such as plates, cups, cutlery, and food containers will also be prohibited.

As before, there will be a Dhs200 punishment for noncompliance. If there are any more infractions within a year, the fine will double and reach Dhs 2,000.

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