Self-driving taxis will be on Dubai roads in December 2023

By 2030, 25% of Dubai’s transportation travels will be autonomous…

In Dubai, self-driving taxis will be ready as early as December 2030. The statement was made by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) at the Dubai World Congress for Self-Driving Transportation.

After years of getting ready and, in more recent updates, months of digital mapping, the introduction of autonomous taxis in Dubai is finally becoming a reality. To ensure the safety of future passengers, self-driving taxis will be tested on Jumeirah 1 streets starting next month on October 1. Due to the fact that this is still in the trial phase, no passengers will be allowed to travel in the cabs until the final safety testing phase is completed.

These self-driving cars are expected to drastically improve road safety levels, as human error accounts for more than 90% of all accidents. The cars are all-electric, environmentally friendly and capable of servicing a diverse spectrum of clients from different community sectors, including elders and people who work hard.

About the state-of-the-art driverless vehicles

The cars will be equipped with 80 sensors, cameras, and LiDAR systems – light detection and ranging (laser scanning technology) – to monitor road conditions, as well as controls to avoid collision with any object, especially those that the human eye cannot see.

We can’t wait to see these self-driving automobiles in action!

And it’s not just taxis…

The public transportation authorities have announced a drive for all Dubai travel to be 25% self-driving by 2030.

Aside from self-sufficient taxis, we can also expect driverless buses on the roads. At the present, further testing needs to happen before a self-driving bus service can be deployed. Some of the exams include emergency lane shifting, roundabout navigating, and others.

The RTA is evaluating the ‘First Autonomous Electric Abra’ in Old Dubai near The Creek, so don’t be scared if you see an abra without a captain. The abra was constructed in such a manner that it retains the abra’s beauty and past.

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