Complete guide on how to register your pet in Dubai

We understand that keeping your cherished pet pals safe and healthy is always your top priority, if you have a dog or a cat. The most important step in this respect is pet registration, which must be done for all pet owners in Dubai. Do you want to know what papers are required, how much it will cost, and other information about the process? Our pet licencing guide in Dubai has you covered! Continue reading to find out all you need to know.

Pet registration in Dubai: an Overview

There are many benefits to registering your cat. To start with, understanding recognised pets is easier if they go missing because the authorities already have their data.

In October 2015, Dubai Municipality implemented severe steps to ensure that all pet owners in the city register their dogs. Following registration, you will be given a municipal tag with a unique registration number.

The whole process is aimed at ensuring that your pet can be securely retrieved if it is lost or stolen.

What documents do I need for pet registration in Dubai?

When you visit an animal clinic to register the animal with the Dubai Municipality, you must have the following documents with you:

  • Emirates ID or a passport with a valid UAE visa is necessary.
  • Your pet’s most recent immunisation record.
  • Age, gender, species, breed, colour, and microchip number are every information about the animal you have.
  • Microchip information like your phone number, living address, and email address.

Pet registration process in Dubai

Here are the steps for registering an animal in Dubai:

  • Collect your animal’s vaccination card/report and any further medical paperwork.
  • To get your pet microchipped (once), go to any animals clinic, hospital, or Dubai Municipality’s veterinarian Services.
  • Once the animal has been properly microchipped, annual immunisations, including rabies and other vaccines, are necessary.
  • The information on the animal’s owner has been uploaded to the Dubai Municipality’s database and linked to the owner’s Emirates ID and address.
  • You will be given an ID tag for attaching to your animal’s collar.
  • Make certain that the tag is always displayed.
  • Pet registrations must be renewed once a year.

Aleef app for all things Pet-Related in Dubai

Dubai Municipality has introduced the Aleef app to help those who have animals. For existing and interest pet owners, the interactive app simplifies the adoption, maintenance, and registration processes. The Aleef app has the following features:

  • Animal management of information in public and private clinics
  • Quick and easy animal registration and care at Dubai Municipality veterinary clinics
  • A complete platform for the adoption of animals
  • Facilitates the reporting of registered stray, lost, and found animals
  • Provides accurate data on owners of pets
  • Provides a downloadable e-version of your animal’s data

What are the pet registration costs in Dubai?

The Dubai Municipality charges an animal arrival fee of AED 100 (about) at a private animal care centre. Please bear in mind that if the surgery is conducted at a Dubai Municipality Veterinary Centre, the prices can be minimised.

What are the penalties and fines for not registering your pet in Dubai?

People who do not register their animals with Dubai Municipality risk having their dogs snatched away. Failure to register the animal may result in a fine ranging from AED 150 to AED 500 (for the first offence). It’s an important to note that non-collared microchip animals can be captured.

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