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Create Lasting Memories with Loved Ones at Atlantis The Royal’s Brunch at Jaleo

Atlantis The Royal in Dubai has unveiled an exciting new brunch offering at its Jaleo restaurant, created by world-renowned chef José Andrés. The brunch, called ¡La Feria Brunch!, promises to be a vibrant and memorable experience, perfect for spending quality time with friends and family.

Jaleo offers a tribute to the classic dishes of Spain, crafted from Chef Andrés’ favorite childhood meals and tapas. The restaurant focuses on the idea of sharing plates and fostering an atmosphere of lively conversation and connection. This philosophy has now extended to a special Saturday brunch.

Description of Jaleo by José Andrés and its inspiration from the chef’s childhood dishes, fostering an atmosphere perfect for good friends and great conversation

The creative genius behind Jaleo’s authentic Spanish cuisine is Chef José Andrés himself. His dishes recreate the bright, bold flavors of his childhood in Spain, reinvented with modern techniques. Andrés is known for his innovative cooking that sparks surprise and delight.

The name Jaleo translates to “revelry” or “boisterous gaiety,” encapsulating the spirited, social atmosphere Andrés has cultivated. The dining room features an open kitchen, inviting guests to catch a glimpse of the chefs in action. The outdoor terrace is centered around a lovely olive tree, further evoking lazy afternoons in the Spanish countryside.

Jaleo’s menu highlights the importance of sharing food and enjoying it amongst lively conversation with dear friends. Guests can order a variety of small plates to pass family-style around the table, embracing the communal culture of eating in Spain. It sets a festive tone where food simply becomes a conduit for meaningful memories made together.

Description of the lively atmosphere at the brunch

The ¡La Feria Brunch! brings all the vibrant colors, sounds, sights, and flavors of a Spanish feria (festival) straight to Jaleo each Saturday afternoon. Guests entering the restaurant are swept up into the merriment, with flamenco music and the clacking of dancers’ castanets setting a scene of revelry. Friends and family chatter lively around tables laden with delectable dishes and free-flowing sangria.

The open kitchen adds to the casual, convivial environment, as guests can watch chefs fuss over bubbling pans of paella, turning out golden-crusted socarrat rice. The atmosphere is relaxed yet lively, recreating the shared feasting culture of Spain that Chef Andrés holds so dear.

Discussion of the array of signature tapas designed for sharing, hearty paellas, and refreshing sangrias

The ¡La Feria Brunch! menu highlights an array of Jaleo’s most popular tapas, specially designed for passing family-style around the table. Guests can graze on classics like pan con tomate, tomato bread rubbed with garlic and olive oil; crispy, creamy croquetas filled with jamón or bacalao; and patatas bravas, fried potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce.

No Spanish feast is complete without paella, and Jaleo’s chefs are preparing giant pans of their signature seafood paella brimming with mussels, calamari and shrimp, or the classic chicken and rice Valencia-style. Porrons, the traditional Spanish wine pitchers, keep the sangria flowing freely, offered in white, red, and sparkling Cava varieties.

The sharing-style of the dishes and relaxed pace of the brunch foster a warm camaraderie amongst guests, encouraging lively conversation as different plates make their way around the table.

Emphasis on the cultural mosaic that defines Spanish gastronomy

While the mouthwatering dishes are certainly a highlight, the ¡La Feria Brunch! also places special emphasis on showcasing the incredible range of Spain’s cultural heritage through food and drink. Guests have the opportunity to taste Spain’s regional diversity in every bite and sip.

The tapas shine a spotlight on classic recipes from different corners of Spain, from the simplicity of pan con tomate hailing from Catalonia to the fried delights of Andalusian-style pescaitos. The paellas demonstrate distinctive rice dishes from Valencia and the Costa Brava. An extensive cheese and charcuterie board presents the country’s famous sheep, goat and cow’s milk varieties alongside cured meats.

And the wines and sherries provide a tasting tour from light Albariños of Galicia to tempranillos from the Ribera del Duero and fortified sherry from Jerez. It’s Spain in culinary technicolor!

Highlighting the opportunity to gather with friends and family and discover the diverse and authentic flavors of Spain

While the ¡La Feria Brunch! offers a mouthwatering menu, even more central to the experience is the opportunity it provides to gather with loved ones over food and drink. The dishes become a conduit for meaningful memories made together through spirited conversation, laughter, and a sense of celebration.

The communal tables and shared plates emphasize coming together and connecting as family or friends. Guests can catch up over glasses of sangria then dig into piping hot paella fresh from the pan, forging bonds through breaking bread. And the variety of dishes allows discovery of new and authentic Spanish flavors together.

So if you’re looking for a few hours of true revelry spent enjoying delicious cuisine amongst good company, head to the ¡La Feria Brunch! at Jaleo by José Andrés. Create lasting memories with your favorite people while savoring Spain’s vibrant food culture.


For a one-of-a-kind brunch that brings the passion and flavors of Spain to life, don’t miss Jaleo by José Andrés’ ¡La Feria Brunch! every Saturday from 1pm to 4pm. Experience an afternoon of flamenco, live music, signature tapas, and paellas made for sharing in a festive, communal atmosphere with friends and family. Transport your tastebuds to the ferias of Andrés’ homeland as you graze on classics like pan con tomate, croquetas, and patatas bravas paired with sangrias, Spanish wines, cheeses, and charcuterie. Watch as chefs prepare authentic paellas before your eyes, then dig into the saffron-infused rice fresh from the pan.

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