Doing the right thing – Animal shelters and rescues in Abu Dhabi

A loving four-legged companion can definitely bring joy into your home. If you want to adopt a cat or a dog, you can contact any of the emirate’s foster homes. These nonprofit organisations help homeless animals in finding a loving, trustworthy, and permanent home. Here is a list of the best Abu Dhabi animal shelters and rescue businesses you should be aware of.

Abu Dhabi animal shelter

The Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter started operations in 2010.This was in line with the decision of the Abu Dhabi government’s Executive Council, which indicated that Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi will operate the animal refuge.

Every year, the sanctuary finds homes for approximately 600 abandoned and rescued dogs. Furthermore, the institution gets 10,000 animals for care and vaccines.

Before getting medical care, all stray animals accepted to the shelter receive a primary visit with a veterinarian. The Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter also has a cutting-edge laboratory.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital began a TNR project in June 2010. The purpose of TNR, which stands for Trap-Neuter-Return, was to neuter all of the emirate’s feral cats and animals. In the first phase of the campaign, homeless dogs were neutered and placed for adoption at the hospital.

Furthermore, the rescue and care facilities implant microchips in the animals to help with identification during adoption.The microchip put in the stray animal indicates that it has been treated.The 15-digit microchip can be utilised used to trace down missing or stolen animals.

The Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter constructed catteries and kennels where stray animals can be adopted during the second phase. Cats who were not adopted were returned to Abu Dhabi’s Centre of Waste Management (Tadweer) in the locations from whence they had been rescued.

The organization’s animals are cared for by the ADFH Animal Care Centre. If you have lost an animal in Abu Dhabi, you can also visit their missing and recovered animal sign up.

Strays of Abu Dhabi (SAD)

This rescue group mostly deals with cats, but other animals in need can also be reached. Strays of Abu Dhabi is also an unofficial animal rescue in Abu Dhabi, with people donating their time to enhance the well-being and standard of life of orphaned stray dogs.

Animal welfare Abu Dhabi (AWAD)

Animal Welfare Abu Dhabi (AWAD) was granted the status of nonprofit in 2019 and has set up a number of feeding stations across the city. It also offers free sanitation and neutering. They also go to schools and institutions to spread awareness about animal welfare.

The majority of their efforts are directed on helping the cat colony on Lulu Island. You can reach the group through its website or Facebook page.

They collaborate with volunteers and other animal welfare communities to enhance animal welfare in the UAE by teaching people about animal care. You can help stray animals in finding a forever home by contacting the organisation via their Facebook page.

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