Key Features of the New UAE-India Cash Card Launched with RuPay

The recent launch of the Jaywan card, based on India’s RuPay network, is a significant development for travelers between India and the UAE. RuPay is India’s version of Mastercard or Visa – a domestic payment card network. The Jaywan card announcement means RuPay cards issued in India can now be used for payments in the UAE.

This new cash card eliminates the need for travelers to carry wads of cash or multiple credit/debit cards when visiting the other country. By enabling RuPay card use in the UAE, the Jaywan card provides a convenient, secure payment option for Indian travelers. The card charges users in local currencies too, avoiding costly currency conversion fees.

The launch is part of several bilateral agreements signed between the UAE and India to ease cross-border transactions. One agreement connects India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) system to the UAE’s ‘Aani’ payments platform. This interlinking of instant payment systems will smooth payments between the two countries.

Explanation of the significance of the new cash card for travelers from India to the UAE

For Indian travelers to the UAE, the Jaywan card is a game-changer. Before, visitors would have to carry large amounts of cash or several credit/debit cards that may incur foreign transaction fees. Now, Indian tourists can rely on their trusted RuPay cards for payments in the UAE just as they would at home.

The Jaywan card’s acceptance of RuPay eliminates the need to obtain new payment cards before an international trip. Travelers also avoid ATM withdrawal fees and don’t have to deal with exchanging currencies. The card even charges in local denominations, saving users from pricey currency conversion rates.

Overall, the Jaywan card greatly simplifies payments for Indian visitors to the UAE. With the security of RuPay and convenience of localized charges, tourists can focus on enjoying their trips rather than worrying about cash or cards.

Key Features of the New Cash Card

The Jaywan card has several notable features that make it an appealing payment option for travelers between India and the UAE:

  • Accepts India’s RuPay network – Cards issued in India work for payments in the UAE
  • Embedded microprocessor chip for secure transactions
  • Charges users in local currencies, avoiding currency conversion fees
  • Smooth cross-border transactions enabled by UPI/Aani payment systems integration
  • Trusted RuPay brand with extensive use and acceptance in India
  • Eliminates need for carrying cash or multiple credit/debit cards

With these capabilities, the Jaywan card provides travelers simplicity, security, and savings. The ability to use familiar RuPay cards abroad while avoiding conversion fees and withdrawal charges makes travel easier.

Benefits of the Jaywan Card in Dubai

For Indian tourists visiting Dubai in particular, the Jaywan card unlocks convenient access to the city’s world-famous attractions. Dubai offers extravagant entertainment options, dining variety, and cultural experiences for visitors to enjoy.

With the Jaywan card, Indian travelers can seamlessly pay for:

  • Shows, concerts, sports events, and other performances
  • Access to attractions like Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, etc.
  • Shopping sprees at massive Dubai Mall and traditional souks
  • Cuisine from all over the world including Indian restaurants
  • Desert safari tours, speedboat rides, and other excursions

The card even lets users tap into Dubai’s public transportation like the metro system and bus network. Avoiding cash hassles with the Jaywan card allows visitors to better enjoy Dubai’s dynamic urban energy and activities.

Convenience for Travelers: Discuss how the Jaywan card eliminates the need for carrying cash or multiple plastic cards for travelers from India to the UAE

For Indian nationals visiting the UAE, payment convenience is now drastically improved thanks to the new Jaywan card’s acceptance of RuPay.

In the past, Indian tourists would have to take one of two inconvenient approaches: carrying large sums of cash, or bringing several international credit/debit cards. Cash presents risks like theft or loss, not to mention hassles converting currencies. Meanwhile, foreign transaction/ATM fees can quickly add up from using multiple cards.

The Jaywan card powered by RuPay changes this by letting visitors rely on trusted payment cards they already use daily. Indians no longer need to obtain special travel cards or withdraw excessive cash before trips to the UAE. Their existing RuPay cards work seamlessly thanks to the Jaywan network.

With a single RuPay card replacing wads of cash or multiple cards, Indian travelers enjoy simpler, safer payments in the UAE. The Jaywan card’s localized charges also prevent costly currency conversions from ruining budgets. Altogether, it brings payment convenience for cross-border Indian tourists on par with domestic experiences.


The newly launched Jaywan card accepting India’s RuPay network is set to greatly benefit travelers between the UAE and India. With RuPay card acceptance extended abroad, Indians gain a secure, convenient payment tool for use in the UAE without currency conversion fees.

Key features like chip-enabled security, localized charges, and linking to domestic UPI/Aani systems make the Jaywan card ideal for simplified cross-border payments. Indian tourists can enjoy Dubai’s dining, shopping, and attractions using familiar RuPay cards.

By replacing cash and foreign cards with trusted RuPay network access, the Jaywan card eliminates hassles for Indian visitors to the UAE. As travel between the two countries continues rising, this innovative card presents a key advancement for payment convenience on both ends.

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