How to Travel from Dubai to Ajman: An In-Depth Look at Bus Timings and Routes

Public transportation plays a vital role in connecting major cities and enabling people to travel conveniently and affordably. The bus service between Dubai and Ajman serves as an essential mode of transport for residents, workers, and tourists traveling between these two emirates. With regular schedules, frequent buses, and reasonable fares, the Dubai to Ajman bus route makes inter-emirate travel efficient. Understanding the bus timings, routes, and key details allows travelers to plan their journey smoothly.

Bus Timings and Routes

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) operates regular bus services between Dubai and Ajman, with the E400 and E411 buses covering the route. These air-conditioned buses run at intervals of 30 to 60 minutes depending on peak and non-peak timings. The E400 bus starts from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station in Bur Dubai and travels along several main stops before reaching Ajman central bus station. The E411 bus begins from Etisalat Metro Station and also connects Dubai to Ajman Bus Station, taking approximately one hour to cover the distance.

Buses start operating early in the morning with the first trip at 4:20 AM. Services run late into the night as well with the last bus at 12:35 AM (E400) and 11:35 PM (E411). This convenient schedule allows travelers flexibility to plan their journey.

Duration of the bus journey from Dubai to Ajman

The total end-to-end journey time for the Dubai to Ajman trip is usually around one hour by bus. However, the exact duration can vary slightly depending on traffic conditions on the route.

For the E400 bus starting from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, the time taken is approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes during regular traffic. The E411 bus trip duration is usually around 55 minutes. So travelers must budget around one hour of total travel time when planning their trip between Dubai and Ajman by bus.

Bus stations in Dubai serving as starting points for the journey to Ajman

There are two main bus stations in Dubai that serve as the starting point for buses going to Ajman:

1. Al Ghubaiba Bus Station in Bur Dubai – Starting point for the E400 route

2. Etisalat Metro Station in Dubai – Starting point for the E411 route

These bus stations provide easy accessibility for passengers traveling from different parts of Dubai. Located in central areas, the stations are also conveniently connected to the metro network.

Passengers can easily catch a metro train to reach the bus station and then board the bus to Ajman from these locations. This makes the start of the journey hassle-free and straightforward.

Major landmarks and stops along the Dubai to Ajman bus route

The Dubai to Ajman route via E400 and E411 buses makes several stops along the way. Some of the major landmarks and bus stops on the route include:

  • Al Sabkha Bus Station
  • Deira City Centre
  • Etisalat Metro Station
  • Crown Palace Hotel
  • Lulu Village
  • Al Jurf Area
  • Ajman Bus Station

The buses stop at these populated areas, commercial centers, and transport links along the route. Passengers can choose their boarding or alighting stop based on whichever landmark or location suits their convenience.

Bus fare for the Dubai to Ajman journey

The bus fare for the journey between Dubai and Ajman is economical and affordable. A one-way ticket costs just AED 12 per passenger. Passengers have the flexibility to pay either by purchasing a ticket just before the travel or by using a prepaid NOL card. Using a NOL card allows passengers to benefit from the discounted fare of AED 10 per trip.

The reasonable bus fares make this an attractive and budget-friendly transport option for regular travelers on this route. It keeps commuting or inter-emirate travel costs low.

Availability and details of real-time bus tracking system for the Dubai to Ajman bus service

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) provides a useful real-time bus tracking system for the Dubai to Ajman route. This tracking system allows passengers to view the live status and expected arrival timings of buses.

Through the RTA website, smartphone apps like S’hail, and SMS service, travelers can conveniently access real-time updates. Bus locations, next bus timings, and delays or changes are reflected through these channels.

The interactive maps and user-friendly interface of the apps and web portals make it very easy for passengers to track buses and plan journeys efficiently. This enhanced transparency and reliability is invaluable for daily commuters between the two emirates.


In summary, the regular Dubai to Ajman bus service makes inter-emirate travel extremely smooth. Well-connected routes, reasonable fares, real-time tracking and frequent bus availability provide convenience. The service caters well to daily commuters, residents, workers and visitors alike. Choosing to travel between Dubai and Ajman by bus ensures comfort, efficiency and reliability.

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