Etihad Rail: Everything we know so far – the route’s map, travel time and more

In case you missed it, the UAE now has a railway service.

The Etihad Rail connects the Emirates and ultimately connects the Emirates and Oman.

Currently only used for goods trains, there are huge plans for the railway, which will be open to people in the future.

The UAE’s upcoming passenger train has begun to gain traction, and it will make travel between the emirates quicker, greener, and more convenient.

As to the Etihad Rail website, the UAE’s National Rail Network is now complete, with commercial operations underway.

Once open for travel, the yearly passenger volume is projected to exceed 36.5 million. Everyone gets on board. And the passenger train’s elegant design has been shown.

Here’s everything to know about the Eithad Rail passenger train:

Where will the first Etihad Rail passenger train station be built?

The first passenger rail station will be built at Sakamkam, Fujairah, near the centre of the city.

Where will Etihad Rail travel?

The Etihad Rail passenger train will connect 11 cities and areas in the United Arab Emirates. It will connect Al Sila to Fujairah, going through Al Ruwais, Al Mirfa, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Dhaid, and Abu Dhabi.

In the future, trips from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and Dubai to Fujairah will take only 50 minutes. Travelling from Abu Dhabi to Al Ruwais took only one hour and ten minutes, and from Abu Dhabi to Fujairah takes one hour and forty minutes.

Etihad Rail will offer easy passenger services that will allow you to plan and book your travel between the Emirates. Compared to other means of travel, commute times will be minimised by 30 to 40%.

What about the Oman Etihad Rail?

The railway network will link Sohar, Oman, to Abu Dhabi, UAE, with Sohar Port and the UAE National Rail Network. Learn more about the Oman Etihad Rail project and how it will boost connectivity between the UAE and Oman.

How long will it take to travel from the UAE to Oman on this train?

Passenger trains will have a top speed of 200km/h. This is quick, but not as fast as some of the high-speed trains you may have came across in other parts of the world, from Germany to China. A fun fact for your next pub quiz: the Shanghai Maglev, travelling at 460 kph, is the world’s fastest public train.

What kind of amenities will the Etihad Rail passenger train have?

The Etihad Rail passenger train will be fitted with several places of work, entertainment, and luxurious seating, as well as high levels of security and efficiency. There will be multi-media devices, charging stations, food and beverages, and plenty of legroom, as well as an advanced air-conditioning system.

Etihad Rail has secured a deal with Italian luxury hotel business Arsenale to lead the project, which is meant to represent the pinnacle of refinement. The passenger train is expected to be constructed in the manner of the Orient Express.

What is Etihad Freight Rail?

The Freight Rail service is already in place and is used to move goods and commodities around the UAE, removing big cars on UAE roadways. The train will convey us across the Emirates in no time.

The plans also include the building of a rail freight terminal in Al Ruways Industrial City, which will cover more than one million square metres and manage loading and unloading, as well as maintaining and storing of shipping containers.

The time necessary to transport Borouge’s products via rail will be lowered to four hours, as compared to 12 hours by other forms of transportation.

Those interested in booking goods services may now do so on the Etihad Rail website. It is possible to use Etihad Rail to save time and money.

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