How to Apply for Oman eVisa in Dubai

With the Royal Oman Police’s recent statement on the e-visa needed by visitors travelling to the sultanate, many of you can be asking how this process works and what you need to prepare for.

In this essay, we will go over how to apply for an Oman eVisa ahead of time. Please follow the steps outlined below.

Step-by-Step Guide in Applying for an Omani Tourist Visa from Dubai

As a result, GCC citizens will be able to enter Oman with a GCC Tourist Visa if they are the major traveller with an approved work, or with Visa Type 29B if they are the major a tourist’s partner.

Likewise, guests from non-GCC countries must apply for the Dubai and Oman Joint Visa at one of Oman’s the consulate posts or tourist travel organisations.

Applications can also be sent via the Royal Oman Police website.

To begin your e-visa application for a not sponsored tourist visa (29A), follow these simple steps:

1. On the left side of your dashboard, click the link that applies. Then enter all of the necessary details.

2. Fill in the blanks with the needed papers.

3. Pay the stated minimum charge of RO 5 using the payment techniques listed on the website.

4. Wait for an email or SMS message showing your application has been submitted or authorised.

Remember that there are many sorts of e-visas available, so make sure to apply for the one that fits your situation. Here is a link to the four types of e-visas available to visitors to Oman.

The process could require up to four days, according to the update, even though it is free for tourists travelling from Dubai and Qatar. Visa fees, however, can range between USD 13 (AED 50) and USD 130 (AED 500) depending on the applicant’s country of origin. Passports also have to be valid for at least six months before entering the nation.

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