Everything you need to know about Eid Al Fitr 2024 in the UAE

With the end of Ramadan, Muslims around the world are getting ready for the great festival of Eid Al Fitr in 2024. In the United Arab Emirates, people celebrate this holiday by indulging in spiritual pursuits, spending time with loved ones, and indulging in a royal feast. If this is your first time celebrating Eid Al Fitr, here is a helpful explanation of the holiday’s meaning and how it is celebrated in the United Arab Emirates.

What is Eid Al Fitr?

The Islamic holiday of Eid Al Fitr, often defined the “Festival of Breaking Fast,” signifies the conclusion of the holy month of Ramadan. The first three days of Shawwal, the last month in the Islamic calendar, are when Muslims celebrate it. The 29th day of Ramadan and the third day of Shawwal usually coincide when the UAE celebrates Eid Al Fitr.

What is the Difference Between Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha?

The first of the two festivals that Muslims celebrate globally is Eid Al Fitr. It signifies the end of the happy month of Ramadan, during which Muslims perform holy days like charity giving and fasting in order to deepen their spiritual lives.

In the Islamic calendar, the second major Eid festival is called Eid Al Adha, or the Festival of Sacrifice. It praises Prophet Ibrahim’s (A.S.) readiness to give up his son Prophet Ismail (A.S.) as a sacrifice in obedience to Allah’s desire. Muslims commemorate the day with an animal offering, usually a camel, sheep, goat, or cow.

How do Muslims Celebrate Eid in the UAE?

Muslims all throughout the world observe prayers and spend time with friends and family to commemorate Eid Al Fitr. Giving to charities and exchanging gifts are important aspects of this festivity.

Zakat Al Fitr (or Fitrana) is another significant custom associated with this event. It is usually distributed to the less fortunate a few days prior to Eid (or at the very least, before the prayers). For every family member under their care, the family head pays Zakat Al Fitr. This donation is not the same as the yearly Zakat payment, which is also a religious requirement. If a Muslim meets the required income levels, they are required to give a particular percentage of their annual wealth to charitable organisations.

The UAE’s Muslim population celebrates Eid with a similar fervour. When the Eid Al Fitr prayer times are announced, they congregate at mosques. Following prayer, they get together with loved ones, partake in feasts, and engage in other happy moments. The event, which is awaited with great anticipation by both Muslim and non-Muslim nationals and foreigners, brings peace and joy.

Employees in the authority and private sectors are off on Eid days in the United Arab Emirates. Being able to visit loved ones, spend time with friends and family, and take advantage of the many Eid events in the UAE makes it one of the most awaited public holidays in the UAE. Residents occasionally get a long weekend if the dates fall on a Saturday, so they can arrange trips.

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