Watch: Dubai Municipality tests self-driving electric robots to clean up beaches

Dubai will soon have self-driving taxis (to arrive in December 2023), driverless abras, and now the Dubai Municipality is testing self-driving robots to clean up the city’s beaches.

A video released by Dubai Municipality on its official X profile (which used to be known as Twitter) shows the robots cleaning up the bike lanes near the shore.

The cars right now are tested in Jumeirah and Umm Suqeim, according to a report by Emirates News Agency (WAM).

The debut of the self-driving electronic robot is part of the Dubai Municipality’s “strategic efforts to manage waste efficiently, maintain the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of all facilities and popular attractions in Dubai, including public beaches,” according to a statement.

About the smart sweepers

The cars function freely, with no human involvement required. It is outfitted with cutting-edge electronics and sensors that detect its surroundings in order to avoid collisions. In normal mode, the cars go at 40km/h and are kinder to the environment.

Electric cars will reduce pollution and carbon emissions from the Dubai Municipality’s vehicle fleet.

Floating drones

In other efforts to keep the city clean, Dubai has introduced PixieDrone, the country’s first floating trash collector.

The floating garbage collection drone made its debut at Dubai Harbour and is tiny enough to enter small locations to help in the sorting of waste products such as plastic, paper, fabric, rubber, and others. It can identify waste materials on the water’s surface and collect and store them in a collecting tank where they will be rightly disposed of or recycled.

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