Get Informed: Find Out About Public Holidays in the UAE for 2024

Knowing the public holiday schedule in advance is crucial for residents and visitors in the UAE. With a diverse population and many cultural and religious celebrations, keeping track of public holidays allows people to plan effectively for vacations, travel, and important events.

This article provides a helpful outline of all the public holidays confirmed for 2024 in the United Arab Emirates. Whether you want to schedule a holiday abroad or make the most of a long weekend, use this list to find out when banks, schools, and government organizations will be closed next year.

Overview of the importance of knowing public holidays in the UAE for 2024

There are several key reasons why UAE residents, employers, and visitors should pay close attention to the public holiday schedule for 2024:

  • Planning travel, vacations, and getaways – By knowing dates in advance, people can effectively schedule trips, flights, and hotel stays around public holidays to make the most of long weekends and time off work.
  • Understanding employee leave – HR departments in government entities and private companies can prepare for public holidays in order to coordinate staff annual leave and make arrangements to cover essential operations.
  • Insight into cultural celebrations – Public holidays provide insight into important cultural and religious observances such as Eid, which brings awareness and understanding between UAE residents of all backgrounds.
  • Financial preparedness – Banks and financial markets will close on public holidays, allowing people to plan around these dates. Retailers can also prepare for changes in consumer activity around holiday seasons.

Overall, a little preparation goes a long way. By knowing public holidays well in advance, individuals, businesses, and organizations can make arrangements to maximize time off and continue effective operations over holiday periods.

List of Public Holidays in the UAE for 2024

According to the UAE Cabinet, the following dates have been confirmed as fixed public holidays for 2024 across both the public and private sectors:

Eid Al Fitr

Marking the end of Ramadan, this major Islamic holiday is expected to fall between April 8-12, 2024, subject to moon sighting. The exact date will be confirmed closer to time.

Eid Al Adha

Known as the “Festival of the Sacrifice”, Eid Al Adha is predicted to occur July 29-31, 2024 depending on the Islamic calendar. This is one of two major Eid holidays in the Islamic faith.

Hijri New Year’s Day

The Islamic New Year is the first day of Muharram in the Hijri calendar. In 2024, it falls on July 7.

Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday

Marking the birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad, this public holiday is expected on September 15, 2024. The date is confirmed annually in line with the Islamic lunar calendar.

Commemoration Day

Honoring Emirati martyrs and UAE soldiers, Commemoration Day takes place on December 1. In 2024 this falls on a Sunday.

UAE National Day

Celebrating UAE independence and unity, National Day takes place on December 2-3 each year. In 2024, this will be a Monday and Tuesday public holiday.

Importance of Being Informed About Public Holidays

There are several key reasons why residents, visitors and employers in the UAE need reliable information about upcoming public holidays:

Planning Getaways and Travel

By knowing public holiday dates well in advance, people have ample opportunity to organize vacations and travel plans both domestically and overseas to make the most of long weekends and school breaks over the year.

Whether booking flights, hotels, rental cars or tour activities, advance planning helps secure availability and the best deals. Some dates like Eid holidays, National Day and New Year may see heavy demand, so forward planning is essential.

Maximizing Long Weekends

With strategic coordination of annual leave, workers can stretch public holiday weekends into 5+ day vacations to allow more time for relaxation, family visits or even overseas trips.

Similarly, businesses can prepare staffing and operations schedules ahead of time when public holidays fall next to weekends to minimize disruptions.

Cultural Significance and Celebrations

Understanding key cultural and religious events provides insight and awareness between UAE residents of all backgrounds. Major holidays like Eid are times for community celebration, family gatherings and cultural understanding.

For visitors and tourists, joining in public celebrations and observances enhances travel experiences and connections with Emirati people and society.


Having reliable details on public holiday dates is invaluable for forward planning by UAE residents, employers and visitors alike. By outlining the full schedule for 2024 well in advance, people can organize travel, coordinate leave, and participate in cultural festivities over the year ahead. Use this guide as a helpful reference point for scheduling important activities and travel plans around the public holidays. With preparation, individuals and organizations can maximize time off while appreciating UAE culture and unity throughout the year.

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