UAE weather: This is why Dubai gets so humid at this time of year

Temperatures have already dropped from their blazing summer highs, according to forecasters. But, given the humidity levels in coastal areas, unbundling the hoodies from their place at the top of the wardrobe appears a long way off.

We’ll have more on when we might expect things to calm down a bit later.

Why does it get so humid this time of year?

Disclaimer. We’ll use the terms’moist’ and’sticky’ in the next paragraph, and while we understand that these are trigger words for some, it’s nearly hard to explain humidity without them.

To each their dew

There’s also anything called the ‘dew point’ that comes into play and affects how we sweaty people experience humidity. So much so that scientists now think it’s a more precise figure of what temperatures ‘feel like’ than relative humidity. It’s a perplexing subject, but as the title states, it’s the temperature at which certain quantities of air can no longer keep any more water, inviting the production of water droplets. On days with warmer temperatures, the lower the dew point, the more enjoyable the experience.

Why is it often more humid in the evenings?

It’s that pesky dew point all over again. Because hot air stores more moisture, warmer air may absorb more water over the day. With the onset of dusk, the cooling air can store less moisture, and therefore the temperature necessary for humidity to reach ‘itchy back levels’ drops.

In summary, it’s humid due to changing pressure systems, shifting winds, dew point shenanigans, and rainfall being pushed onto land from the sea.

When can we expect the humidity to die down?

The humidity will probably linger with us until at least Tuesday, judging to the forthcoming five-day forecasting bulletin from the UAE’s National Centre of Meterology. As usually the case (see above), the moisture in the air is most apparent at night.

There will also be “light to medium… winds, freshening at times,” and a partly overcast sky.

You know nothing Jebel Snow

Winter, on the contrary hand, is on its way. The hottest temperature recorded today in the UAE was 18.4o (in Al Ain, of course), an important decrease from only a few days earlier.

That’s all there is to it. More Fresh and less wet. It might be time to start packing your beach bag.

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