Guide to using the RERA Rental Increase Calculator

Tenants want to spend as little as possible to get the best value for their money because rent is frequently the biggest expense for many households. So, how can you determine if you’re paying too much or too little for rent? The RERA Rental Increase Calculator is quite helpful in this situation. The information is contained in our handbook.

About Rera

For those who don’t know, the Dubai Land Department (DLD), which oversees the relationship between a landlord and a renter, includes the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (IERA). RERA is the regulatory body that oversees all businesses and persons engaged in the real estate market in Dubai.

Rental Increase Calculator

Keeping the Dubai Rental Price Index current and up to date is one of RERA’s main duties. The average rental costs are included in this database, which is updated annually to ensure openness in renting operations between Dubai’s rental properties.

RERA launched the “Rental Increase Calculator,” an online tool, to make the Rental Price Index more freely available and user-friendly for residents of the United Arab Emirates. Known as the RERA calculator, it helps users in determining the average “trending” rent in any part of Dubai plus potential increases in rent.

All Dubai residents can use the Rental Increase Calculator RERA online tool for free, and it’s a useful tool for making well-informed rental selections.

Let’s explore the operation of the Dubai RERA rental rise calculator.

How to use the Rera Rental Increase Calculator?

If you’re looking to rent a larger villa or a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai, you can use the RERA calculator. The RERA calculator is user-friendly and lets you compare the price of your home with the average price of nearby properties that are comparable to it.

Prior to beginning the process, you must be aware of the following information.

  • Type of property: staff housing, commercial, industrial, or residential
  • Current contract termination date
  • Location/area of the property and the kind of ownership (if freehold)
  • Type of property (villa or flat)
  • Total number of bedrooms
  • Present-day yearly rent

    Use the RERA rent calculator by following these instructions after you have the necessary data.

1. Open the official website of the Dubai Land Department or log into the Dubai REST app.

2. “Inquiry about the Rental Index” should be opened.

3. Fill in the RERA rent calculator with all the necessary details, including the property type, contract expiration date, certificate number, certificate year, and current annual rent.

4. Press the “Calculate” button to get your outcome.

The average leasing in your area for the property type you have selected, plus your eligibility for a rental increase, will be displayed on the screen when you click the “Calculate” button on the RERA calculator.

Rera Index Rent Calculator Reset 2024

On March 1, 2024, the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) released a revised rent rise calculator with the aim of creating a more equitable and transparent rental market.

With this update, the tool’s representation of current market pricing is more accurate. Both landlords and tenants can go into rental discussions knowing more about what’s fair in the current market thanks to this better image.

Permitted Rent Increase as Per Rental Price Index Dubai 2016

A landlord may implement this structure of rental increases in accordance with the most recent Rental Price Index in Dubai.

  • If the annual rent is now less than 10% of the market value, the rent cannot be raised.
  • Tenant may raise rent by up to 5% if it is presently between 11% and 20% below market value.
  • The landlord may raise rent by up to 10% if it is already between 21% and 30% below market value.

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