How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode: 5 Tips to Try

Have you ever encountered the annoying circumstance wherein your iPhone perceives your headphones as being plugged in even though they are not? There is no sound coming from the speakers when you try to play music or make a phone call. Even if you don’t have any headphones on, you check the volume settings and notice a headphone symbol. What is happening?

This is a typical issue that a lot of iPhone users deal with occasionally. It can be caused by a number of things, including moisture or dust in the headphone jack, a software bug, a malfunctioning headset, or a damaged port.

This blog post offers solutions for iPhones that are locked in headphone mode.

Make sure your iPhone is not linked to any external speakers, headphones, or earbuds through the Lightning port, 3.5mm jack, or Bluetooth before attempting these recommendations. Make sure you have backed up your data and that your iPhone is running the most recent version of iOS.

Tip 1: Plug and Unplug Your Headphones

The first and easiest piece of advice is to repeatedly plug in and unplug headphones. By doing this, your iPhone may be able to detect that the headphones are disconnected and return to the speakers. Any headphones that fit your iPhone model can be used, regardless of whether they have a lightning or 3.5mm port.

Take these actions to accomplish this:

  • Connect your iPhone to your headphones.
  • Try listening to some audio through your headphones after you’ve played some.
  • Take your headphones out of the iPhone.
  • Play some music and see if the speakers can handle the sound.
  • This procedure should be repeated multiple times to unlock your iPhone from headphone mode.

Tip 2: Restart your iPhone

To further simplify matters, try restarting your iPhone. This can assist in resolving any transient issues or malfunctions that may be keeping your iPhone locked in headphone mode. You can also enhance the performance and free up some memory on your iPhone by restarting it.

Take these actions to accomplish this:

  • If you have an iPhone X or later, press and hold the side button in addition to the power button until a slider appears on your screen.
  • Take a look at the slider to switch off iPhone.
  • After a brief period of time, wait for the Apple logo to come on your screen before pressing and holding the side or power buttons once more.
  • Test your ability to hear audio through the speakers by playing some music.

Tip 3: Change the Audio Output Settings

Changing your iPhone’s audio output settings is another piece of advice. This might assist you in selecting whether to play your audio on speakers, headphones, HomePods, AirPods, or other external devices. These options are accessible through specific apps that support audio playback or through the Control Centre.

Take these actions to accomplish this:

  • To access Control Centre, swipe down from the upper right corner of your screen (or up from the lower right corner if you have an older model iPhone).
  • In the upper right corner, tap the music controls (or swipe from right to left if you’re using iOS 10 or older).
  • To view a list of various audio output options, tap the AirPlay icon, which is represented by a triangle with three rings.

Tip 4: Clean the Headphone Jack or the Lightning Port

Another piece of advice is to clean the lightning connector or headphone jack on your iPhone. This can assist in clearing out any moisture, lint, dust, or dirt that may have become lodged within and resulted in a false signal when headphones were plugged in. To gently clean the port, you can use a cotton swab, a toothpick, a paper clip, or compressed air.

Take these actions to accomplish this:

  • Kindly disconnect any headphones or chargers from your iPhone and turn it off.
  • Select a tool that is small enough to enter the port without causing any damage. A cotton swab, a paper clip, a toothpick, or compressed air can all be used. Make sure to remove any extra cotton that may become lodged within if you use a cotton swab. Use compressed air and spray it in brief spurts from a distance.

Tip 5: Reset the Network Settings

Resetting your iPhone’s wireless settings is another piece of advice. This can assist in resetting the VPN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular data, and other default settings. Additionally, this can assist in removing any Bluetooth devices that might be keeping your iPhone locked in headphone mode.

Take these actions to accomplish this:

  • Select General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset from the Settings menu.
  • If asked, tap Reset Network Settings and enter your PIN.
  • To be sure, tap Reset Network Settings one more.
  • Await the restart and network reconnect of your iPhone.

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