Notice: Mall of the Emirates Metro Entry Closed for Evacuation Drill

The Mall of the Emirates has announced that they will be conducting an evacuation drill on [date]. This drill is being organized by the Civil Defence department in coordination with the mall’s management. The purpose of this drill is to evaluate the emergency preparedness and evacuation procedures in place at the mall.

During the drill, the metro entry and exit at the Mall of the Emirates station will be temporarily closed off. This is to ensure that the evacuation drill can be carried out effectively without interference from metro traffic. The closure is expected to last around [duration] while the drill is conducted.

It is important to note that the Dubai Metro will continue operations as normal during this period. Only the entry/exit at the Mall of the Emirates station itself will be affected. Passengers will still be able to utilize other stations as usual.

Importance of the Civil Defence evacuation exercise for preparedness and safety measures

Conducting regular evacuation drills is pivotal for the Mall of the Emirates to ensure top-notch safety standards and preparedness. As one of the largest malls in Dubai, it receives thousands of visitors daily making disaster preparedness and crowd management critical.

The Civil Defence department plays a lead role in assessing safety infrastructure across Dubai. By organizing this specialized evacuation exercise, they aim to gauge the mall’s emergency preparedness, response time, coordination and effectiveness of procedures.

Based on the learnings, recommendations will be provided to enhance the mall’s fire safety, crowd control, evacuation signages, public address systems etc. Training will be enhanced for mall staff assigned emergency response duties.

Details of the Metro Closure

To facilitate the smooth conduct of the evacuation drill, the entry and exit gates of the Mall of the Emirates metro station will be temporarily closed. This closure will be in effect from [start time] to [end time] on [date].

During this period, no commuters will be allowed to enter or exit the metro station from inside the mall. The RTA has indicated that this necessary measure will ensure there is no pedestrian traffic interference during the evacuation drill.

Security personnel will be stationed at the metro entry and exit points during this temporary closure to prevent access and provide assistance. Clear signages in multiple languages will also be displayed prominently to guide and update metro users regarding the short-term restrictions.

Clarification on no access to the mall during the drill

It is important to clarify that during the duration of the evacuation drill, there will be absolutely no access permitted into the Mall of the Emirates from the metro station. This is irrespective of whether someone wants to visit the mall or simply transit through it.

Security deployed near the metro gates have clear instructions to prevent any entry into the mall via the metro during the drill. This measure allows the exercise to simulate real emergency conditions when the mall needs to be fully isolated from external pedestrian influence.

RTA officials have reassured metro commuters that connectivity via the red line will be unaffected. Only access to the Mall of the Emirates metro gates is temporarily barred till completion of the drill.

Impact on Dubai Metro Operations

The RTA has provided firm assurances that Dubai Metro operations will be entirely unaffected by the Mall of the Emirates evacuation drill. Red line metro services will continue as normal during the duration of the drill.

Therefore, passengers can continue to utilize Dubai Metro as convenient, relying on the dozens of other metro stations across the red and green lines. Minor delays may be witnessed at the Mall of the Emirates metro station due to the changes in operation.

Additionally, metro feeder buses functioning from the Mall of the Emirates station will also be temporarily out of service during the drill. Commuters can access the extensive RTA bus network from nearby metro stations or bus stops in the interim.

The RTA has considered that some metro passengers may need to embark or disembark specifically at the Mall of the Emirates station during the drill. Keeping their convenience in mind, the metro station will remain operational for transit purposes only.

Additionally, adequate signages will be prominently displayed within the station to direct transit passengers appropriately. This will allow smooth travel for Metro users even if they do not intend to visit Mall of the Emirates during the evacuation drill.

Continuation of Bus Station Exit

Mall of the Emirates management has confirmed that the exit route leading directly from the mall towards the adjoining bus station will remain fully operational as normal during the evacuation drill.

Stationary security will be positioned along the route to prevent any deviation into the mall itself. Directional signages will also guide commuters seamlessly towards the bus station without accidental entry into off-limit mall sections under evacuation.

This measure demonstrates the mall’s cognizance regarding the vital connectivity the bus station provides between the mall and rest of Dubai. Maintaining continued access mitigates public inconvenience.

Highlighting the importance of coordinated drills by Civil Defence for disaster preparedness

The planned evacuation drill at Mall of the Emirates reinforces the emphasis that authorities like Civil Defence place on public safety preparedness across Dubai.

By law, all public venues in the emirate must undertake emergency response training in coordination with Civil Defence to evaluate and enhance their infrastructure and protocols.

These collaborative drills are invaluable to identify gaps, improve response time, streamline coordination between teams, upgrade infrastructure and technology and prepare for various disaster scenarios.

The public too plays an important role by participating cooperatively in these drills for their own future safety. Through repeated practice, the coordinated disaster response across Dubai is honed and future risks are mitigated.


In summary, the upcoming evacuation drill at Mall of the Emirates will lead to temporary closure of the metro entry/exit points. This closure is required to facilitate effective mock drill free of external interference. The Dubai Metro red line will operate normally, although some delays could occur at the Mall of the Emirates station itself. Alternative metro stations can be relied upon by commuters for transit. No pedestrian access into the mall will be allowed from the metro during the drill duration. However, the exit connecting the mall and adjoining bus station will remain open for commuters needing bus access.

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