How to Track Phone Using IMEI Online

Every parent wants to protect their children and give them a good start in life. Wouldn’t it be nice to be ready to find your children using their phones? This is possible with IMEI number tracking. You can monitor your phone online by IMEI number, or you can install a location tracking software by IMEI number.

We will discuss IMEI internet phone tracking and an app that can be used to trace a phone. But first, let’s talk about why you ought to track your phone online for free using its IMEI.

What Is IMEI

The IMEI number of the phone can be found on a sticker behind the battery. You should write down this IMEI code just possible since you may need it if your phone is lost or stolen. It is important that you write down this IMEI code as quickly to be achievable, as otherwise you will have no number to submit into the IMEI Online Website Tracker. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity.

The IMEI number is unique and cannot be modified per cellphone, although the SIM number can be changed per phone. The SIM number uniquely identifies the person who has an consideration but the IMEI uniquely identifies the device. Phone manufacturers assign an IMEI code to each phone device.

How to Find the IMEI Number

Remember that no two smartphones will have the same IMEI number, keeping each smartphone unique. Let’s go over the many different methods for locating the IMEI number. We’ve previously talked about how the IMEI number is found on a sticker behind the battery’s cover. If the number is fuzzy or some digits are scratched, the standard method is to open the phone dialer app and dial:


and the number will show up on the screen. Another option is to access the phone’s About section.

For Android:

Navigate to Settings > About phone > Status to view the IMEI number on the report.

For iOS:

Go to iPhone/iPad Settings > About > Phone > Status to discover the IMEI Number on the report.

However, if you have lost the phone, the IMEI number can be found in the box in which the smartphone was packaged. Check the box for a sticker containing product information like the model and serial numbers.

Types of Online IMEI Tracking

IMEI trackers are divided into two categories. Tracking websites and smartphone tracking apps based on IMEI numbers. Any IMEI may now be tracked online without the need for a service for intermediary provider.

Google “IMEI tracker online free” and select your preferred website. This internet application allows you to quickly recognise your phone number on a map. All you have to do is enter the IMEI of the device you want to locate and the right nation in the proper platform, and the system will perform a procedure to produce the location of your mobile.

Going through applications or operators would probably take longer, and apps require a before setup step. It is simple to use an online IMEI phone tracing tool. The IMEI phone tracking service will use the GSM network to trace the stolen phone and prevent it from joining to any other network in the nation.

How to Track Phone Using IMEI Online

Track Phone with IMEI Tracker Online

To start with, search for “track phone using IMEI online” to find a suitable service. This technology can be used for parental control and social services. However, be cautious if you abuse this service. It could prove excessively intrusive for the phone’s owner.

It is simple to use an online IMEI Tracker. Can an IMEI tracker online find your lost phone? In order to continue, you must input a valid IMEI number into the correct web form. Then you enter the country where the phone is registered.

The IMEI tracker should then offer an accurate update on the phone’s status. That is, you can quickly determine if it is lost or stolen.

Track Phone with Online IMEI Tracking App

In some cases, online platforms can be preferable to mobile apps. You must have installed a mobile tracking app on your smartphone in order to use it. It implies that you should have prepared your phones sooner. Simply put, using an online platform is more convenient. If you don’t mind installing the app, you could try NewMeotis’ “Find my phone – IMEI Tracker” service.

Aside from the ad-filled web page, customers have given the app detrimental feedback. Many customers claimed that the app did not operate at all. However, there were a few favourable comments from users.

According to one user, it is a “completely bogus app.” Simply tempting the consumers to download more. It’s not even functional. Just a 3 second animation of loading the information and then a notice saying “Sorry, couldn’t find.” Another user said, “App doesn’t work, creator please resolve the issues if you truly intend to help others find the lost phones.”

Steps to Use “Find my phone – IMEI Tracker”

The free software features an easy-to-use user interface that asks for the phone number or IMEI of the device you’ve been searching for. There is a Find button beside the text field where these details can be entered to continue your search.

Users will receive the exact location of their mobile device if the search is successful. If the search is unsuccessful, users will be informed via the “Sorry, nothing found” popup. They are also sent to’s sign up page to create an account.

The website looks the same to the app UI, but it explains how to find one’s phone through entering the phone number and IMEI. It also allows users to add phone details such as IMEI, Phone, Email, and comments to their database. If the phone is discovered, these data will be used to contact the user.

Track Phone with IMEI Tracker Online for Lost Mobile

The Telematics Centre of the Government of India began the Central Equipment Identity Registration (CEIR) system. It has a centralised database with all mobile the providers’ IMEI numbers.

The steps are below:

Step 1: Go to the CEIR website and tap on the “Block Stolen/Lost Mobile” option.

Step 2: Input incident and device information, like the Mobile Number, 15-digit IMEI number, device brand, model, and where and when of the loss.

Step 3: Enter your personal information and then click ‘Submit’ to get your personal Request ID number.

You can track the status of your petition straight away on the CEIR site. If the application to block your phone is granted, the IMEI number will be deleted, rendering your phone unusable on all networks. However, if you eventually find your handset, you may use the identical process to unblock your IMEI number.

Recovery of your Phone

If you locate the phone’s location, you must be careful in case it is stolen. To avoid altercations, the recovery of your phone should engage the police. Furthermore, the simplest way to trace your phone using IMEI is to report it to the police and ask for their help.

Bonus: Track Phone Real-time Location and Monitor Phone Activities

This makes sense if you want to trace your phone online or by phone number, but it doesn’t provide you full parental control over the phone. If you want a different method than IMEI number monitoring, you can try a GPS tracking tool, but keep in mind that it requires before configuration. This programme functions as a more complete parental control system.

The AirDroid Parental Control software defends children in the real world and is an alternative to the online IMEI tracker. It contains an abundance of amazing features, like remote monitoring of your child’s phone surroundings, screencasting, screen time limitations, game and app prohibiting, Sync notifications and SMS, location tracking, rapid alarms, and so on.

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