Popular travel spots for UAE residents

In 2024, there will be thirteen days of public holidays, so it is possible on top.

You’re not by yourself. Application Company for Visas In the UAE, VFS Global reported a 15% increase in visa applications in 2023 over 2022.

Where is everyone heading now? Following are some of the top places to visit from the United Arab Emirates:


There are many things to do in Canada, if you want to visit the incredible Niagara Falls, stay in stylish Toronto, or visit Montreal, the late Leonard Cohen’s hometown. To ensure that you don’t miss anything, all you truly need to do is plan ahead and strategize.


You can view the magnificent Eiffel Tower and indulge in some tourist culture here, but if you’re looking for something a little different, drive a few hours outside of Paris to Giverny. The renowned painter Claude Monet formerly lived there, and you are able to take a guided tour or just catch a glance inside.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The adventurous traveler coming to AlUla will find themselves in the realm of strange sceneries, AlUla. Don’t miss to observe the sun set on Elephant Rock and explore AlUla Old Town. This sight is perfect for Instagram.


Considering Istanbul as your next travel destination? See the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Basilica Cistern, and the Topkapi Palace Museum, among many other things, while you’re here. However, we also advise keeping a watch on the food. It’s a gastronomic haven, with everything from sweet, sweet baklava to juicy doner kebabs.

United Kingdom

The West End, a fantastic theater district in London, is home to hit shows like Wicked, Lion King, and many more. It’s an in the center of some of the best shopping, historical sites like Big Ben, and delicious food like fish and chips.

Given the volume of applications, VFS Global advises applying for visas as quickly is possible, especially because many countries allow applications up to 90 days (three months) before to the intended departure date.

Furthermore, you can apply for a Schengen visa up to six months before of your intended departure day if you plan to travel to one of the Schengen countries, which is a popular option here in the UAE.

Not sure where to go specifically when you’re planning a trip? Take a look at our list of places to which you can go directly from the UAE.

An increasing number of countries are now providing citizens and residents with visas upon arrival. Find out where citizens of the UAE can pick up a visa upon arrival.

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