Tourists to Oman Now Required to Apply for eVisa Before Visit

Are you thinking of spending the holidays in the Sultanate of Oman? Then you should be aware that all countries entering the state of Kuwait, on Friday, November 1st, have to get an eVisa beforehand.

E-Visa Now Required from Tourists Visiting Oman Before their Trip

According to the update, applicants will need to pay five Omani Rials and visit the online government portal in order to obtain a 10-day unsponsored visitor visa. They would also need to provide a copy of their passport and a second photo.

As a result, the border post announced that anyone who has not requested for a visa in advance will not be allowed access.

Authorities added that applications are available for an express travel permit, a tourist visa for residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and sponsored or unsponsored tourist visas.

Although it may require two to four days to finish, tourists arriving from Dubai and Qatar are not charged for this process. In addition, before entering the nation, candidates’ passports must be valid for a minimum of six months.

The cost of the visa can range from USD 13 (AED 50) to USD 130 (AED 500), depending on the visitor’s country of origin.

Oman’s main city, Muscat, is a breath of fresh sea air when paired with its ostentatious neighbors, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Although the port of this city is well-known for its vibrant souks and excellent fish, the real thrills come from its geography.

Owing to the dry Hajar mountains around it, visitors can hike through deserts in the morning, see dolphins in the night, and experience the warm Omani hospitality in between. These are just a few of the Sultanate’s top attractions for guests to enjoy.

Steps to Apply for an Unsponsored Tourist Visa to Oman

You can view this YouTube video, which was uploaded by the Royal Oman Police, to learn more about Oman’s new e-visa program.

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