How to Use Color in Your Apple Tech to Maximize Your Wellbeing

Apple devices are packed with beneficial characteristics that may help you live a better life. But did you know that you may use colour to improve your mood?

The concept of colours influencing how you feel is not new. Colour was employed as a type of curative therapy for illnesses in ancient Egypt and Rome.

Colour psychology now underpins all big companies’ marketing and branding decisions in order to entice you to their commercial products and services. It’s worth thinking about how you could utilise colour psychology ideas to improve your personal well-being.

Here’s what you must understand about colour selection and how to apply it with Apple technology.

What Is Color Psychology?

According to a study published in the Annual Review of Psychology on the effects of colour on human psychological functioning, “colour can carry important meaning and can have a significant effect on people’s affect, cognition, and behaviour.”

Although individual responses vary, certain broad inferences regarding the influence of different colours on people may be reasonably derived. Here are a couple such examples:

Colours that are regarded as warm include:

  • Red symbolises passion, provocation, excitement, danger, and love. It’s a highly charged colour that can elicit an emotional response (blood colour).
  • Yellow symbolises warmth and light, and it expresses the brilliance of the sun. It is seen as a happy, optimistic, and inventive colour. It is frequently used to help people relax and make choices.

ours that are visually appealing include:

  • Green symbolises nature, development, and vitality. It frequently has associations with relaxing and healing, which leads to its use in medical contexts.
  • Blue is a quiet, tranquil colour that is supposed to enhance attention, and it is often linked with intellect and trust. However, being a chilly colour, it produces cold, unfriendly sentiments.

Colour has long been employed in advertising materials for firms such as Apple as a subtle but powerful marketing tactic to persuade you to buy their products. So think about how you can fit it into the technologies you use every day for business, play, and communications.

How You Can Use Technology Strategically in Your Apple Tech to Maximize Your Well-Being

Here’s how you may use technology to boost your happiness.

1. Change Your iOS Lock Screen Color

With iOS 16, you can personalise your iPhone lock screen to show any colour display, use the new Depth Effect to blend multiple shades and colours, and even alter the iOS text colour.

It’s simple to design different lock screens and switch among them on the fly. Hold down the iPhone lock screen until the customization menu opens, then move your screen to the left or right until the favourite option shows.

2. Use Focus Modes to Adjust Wallpaper Color on iOS Devices Automatically

You can automate the move to different coloured lock screens to match the current focus behaviour with linking your several iOS 16 lock screens to different Focus modes on your iPhone.

Again, Focus Modes are simple to set up and use. Swipe down from the upper right corner of your iPhone to get to the Control Centre. The Focus button is there, with a moon icon by default next to it. Tap it to see a variety of profiles including Work, Sleep, Nap, and Fitness.

3. Change Website Background Colors in Your Internet Browser With the Color Changer Extension

Changing the background colours of your website may have a good emotional impact on you while you explore. The Colour Changer plugin for Firefox and Chrome, for example, can make the colour altering easier to handle. It’s one of many possibilities for altering the background colour of a webpage in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

Download the free Colour Changer browser extension and use it to alter the background colour and to modify the contrast and brightness. You may also modify the text and link colours to provide a good contrast with your own colour screen. To evaluate how successful your selected colours are, first test the tool on the primarily white Google search engine home page.

4. Alter the Color Scheme of Your macOS

As an Apple user, you have access to a plethora of built-in options for altering your Mac, including the colour scheme used by macOS.

You can change the background wallpaper under the System Settings, just like you do on your iPhone. Select Wallpaper to see a Dynamic Desktop, a Light & Dark Desktop, a series of Desktop Pictures, and a Colours area where you may choose the precise colour that best corresponds to your preferences.

In the System Preferences, you can also set up a completely unique colour scheme for your Mac. To do so, go to the Appearance page and select your new accent and highlight colours from the Accent colour and Highlight colour groups. The colours of your system’s menus, buttons, and boxes will be changed as a result of this.

5. Choose the Color of Your Physical Device

You have to think about more than just the way you present yourself. Throughout the company’s history, Apple has made colour an essential element of its renowned physical devices. As a result, when purchasing a new iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you have a number of colour options. Choosing your colour is all part of the excitement of receiving an exciting new device, and you may think about how your selections can improve your mental health.

If you own an iPhone, we provide a useful guide to help you select the best iPhone 14 colour for you, along with recommendations to the best iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max colours. You can also check the MUO guide to determine the appropriate colour for your M2 MacBook.

6. Use Color Schemes Carefully in Your Physical Workspace

It is also beneficial to take a glance around your real environment. Consider the workspace, the walls, the floor, and any surrounding artwork. Does the colour scheme improve your happiness and well-being? If not, you can improve your mood with simple colour adjustments. This might involve altering your eyeliner!

Again, technology could prove useful. To brighten your space, consider one of the fantastic 3D Light Panels on the market, or for full compatibility with Apple Home, try Nanoleaf Lines. Because of the modular construction, you can modify your workspace with colour schemes that you totally control using the Nanoleaf app.

Make Colors Work for You by Using Color Psychology in Your Apple Tech

Knowing how colour psychology works can help you use it to improve your well-being. Colour can serve as an ally in delivering the right signals to your brain, whether you’re attempting to create a good, productive environment for your job or you need to generate a calming atmosphere to help you rest. If your Apple products are a vital component of your life, follow these steps to configure them to give an appropriate colour palette for your needs.

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