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Kickstart Your Day with a Delicious Breakfast at Trove in Dubai Mall

Trove Restaurant in Dubai Mall is an artistic and Instagrammable dining destination known for its culinary creativity. Located in the heart of Downtown Dubai with views of the Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa, Trove offers a unique visual and gastronomic experience for visitors.

The restaurant’s mantra is that “food is art” which is reflected in the beautifully plated dishes and artistic ambiance. Trove has launched several new dining options including themed nights like Throwback Thursdays and R&B Fridays to keep guests entertained.

One of the highlights is Trove’s breakfast menu, available daily from 10am to 3pm. It includes an iconic Turkish Breakfast with eggs, cheese, olives, tomatoes and more. There are also many international breakfast items to suit all tastes.

Delicious Breakfast Options at Trove

The Turkish Breakfast at Trove is a must-try option, perfect for starting your day on the right note. It features a delightful spread of Turkish cheeses, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs cooked to your liking and Turkish sausage. Trove’s version combines traditional items like kaymak (clotted cream), honey and homemade jams with modern touches like avocado and smoked salmon.

The generous portion allows you to sample a variety of flavors and textures. Dip the crusty bread into egg yolks, creamy kaymak or tangy olives for a burst of flavor in every bite. It’s an Instagram-worthy and satisfying meal.

Numerous International Breakfast Options

In addition to the Turkish breakfast, Trove has an extensive international breakfast menu with dishes to suit all tastes. Choose from options like fluffy pancakes, eggs benedict, avocado toast, shakshuka, healthy bowls and more.

Standouts include the sweet and savory French Toast topped with mixed berries, bananas, honey and whipped cream. The Smashed Avo Toast is also excellent, layered with creamy avocado, poached eggs, feta and tomato on sourdough bread.

Whether you crave something sweet or savory, light or hearty, the global breakfast creations at Trove offer something tempting. It’s a perfect place to gather friends and family for a long, leisurely morning meal.

Front-row View of the Mesmerizing Fountain Show and Iconic Burj Khalifa

The outstanding location of Trove allows visitors to enjoy one-of-a-kind views in Dubai. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer a front-row look at the world famous Dubai Fountain show, with its choreographed jets of water and lights. You also have picture-perfect views of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building at 2,722 feet.

Watching the colorful fountain show while enjoying Trove’s artistic dishes makes for an incredibly memorable dining experience. The dazzling views are heightened by the restaurant’s chic and modern interior design.

Indoor and Outdoor Seating Options with Artistic Ambiance

Trove offers the choice of sitting indoors to admire the sleek, monochromatic interior accented by pops of color and geometric lighting fixtures. The indoor space has an intimate, gallery-like feel. There is also ample outdoor terrace seating to take in the fresh air and Dubai’s iconic skyline views.

Wherever you choose to sit, Trove’s inventive plating and presentation makes each dish worthy of being in an art museum. The chefs carefully arrange each ingredient to make every bite as visually striking as it is delicious.

Fresh Seafood and Visual Appeal of the Dishes

In line with Trove’s philosophy that “food is art,” the seafood dishes are visually stunning with vibrant colors and artful arrangements. The chefs source only the freshest catch from Dubai’s seafood market to create dishes like the Prawn Linguine, with plump shrimp, basil pesto and cherry tomatoes.

The Platter Trove is another feast for the eyes, piled high with lobster, prawns, mussels, calamari and more. Every item bursts with fresh flavors from the sea. Trove even offers a special Seafood Market with rotating daily selections.

With its dedication to sourcing top quality ingredients and artfully plating each dish, Trove offers a multi-sensory experience with each meal. The visual beauty will have you pulling out your phone for photos to share on Instagram.


With its central location in Dubai Mall, artistic ambiance and visually stunning cuisine, Trove is a must-visit destination for a unique dining experience. The diverse themed events, fountain views and especially the breakfast menu make it an ideal spot for meals morning, noon and night. Be sure to stop by Trove on your next visit to Dubai Mall to enjoy the Turkish or international breakfast options. It’s a delicious way to fuel up before a day of shopping and sightseeing in Downtown Dubai. You’ll leave with a full stomach and a camera roll full of gorgeous food photos to share.

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