You will soon be able to stay at a safari resort in the UAE 

The two new and interesting resorts that Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) has just unveiled are scheduled to open in Sharjah early next year.

The popular and distinctive Shurooq glamping locations in Sharjah are already plentiful, and many of them will soon receive updates. However, if you’re looking to experience something new right away, the LUX Resorts ought to be at the top of your list.

LUX Al Bridi Resort

Do you want to travel to Africa without taking a plane? Focus on LUX Al Bridi Resort, a wildlife refuge with African influences. Here, visitors may observe the “Big Five”—the rhino, buffalo, elephant, lion, and leopard—while taking advantage of a safari experience amid the cultural metropolis.

One of the biggest safari parks outside of Africa, Sharjah Safari Park, will be housed on the resort’s 750+ hectares of land in the Al Bridi Nature Reserve.

The resort takes great pride in its 35 opulent individual tents, each of which has all the conveniences and furnishings you could want for a comfortable stay. It will have a swimming pool, a spa, and a gym.

Concerned that it will destroy the environment? Fear not—every facility was designed with sustainability and the environment in mind.

LUX Al Jabal Resort

Situated atop Al Soueifa mountain, this camping adventure offers breathtaking views of the nearby bay and the Arabian Sea.

There are 45 hotel rooms at the environmentally friendly resort, all of which are housed inside a cube-shaped building. The temperature-controlled environment and the use of natural materials at LUX Al Jabal Resort contribute to the overall ambiance of the beachfront resort, along with its many opulent amenities.

Twenty one-bedroom regular cabins, twenty one-bedroom luxury cabins, and five two-bedroom cabins will be available during the resort’s first phase. There will be a kids club, a restaurant, a spa, a wellness centre, and a clubhouse when Phase 2 is finished. There will even be a beach cottage to further enhance the “beachy vibe.”

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