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Pitfire Pizza is opening its first licensed joint in Dubai

Pitfire fans will be able to buy a slice and a beer at the new location in Dubai very soon… Pitfire Pizza will bring its moreish thin-crust pizza and informal attitude to Dubai Hills Business Park, the city’s latest delicious foods attraction, when it opens in January 2024.

With the same laid-back the environment, wonderful food, and reasonable prices like the other Pitfire locations, this is the perfect spot for a fast lunch, spontaneous date night, family-friendly dinner, and informal catch-up.

The spicy salami primo, thinly sliced bresola and rocket, and black truffle and mushroom pizzas are further on the menu. Not to mention the irresistible garlic knots, salads, and handcrafted pasta.

Guests will be able to wash it all down with an array of alcoholic drinks including beer, wine, and cocktails, as well as a few additional surprises added to the food menu, which is exclusive to the Dubai Hills restaurant.

Pitfire, widely regarded as one of the best places to buy pizza in Dubai, began in 2014, when husband-and-wife team Michele and Bill Johnson created the first Pitfire Pizza in The Greens.

It’s well-known for its Neapolitan-meets-New York-style dough and eclectic toppings, which vary from the traditional Thanksgiving gravy-based pizza with everything to the simple chicken shawarma-style pizza with fried crispy potatoes and Arabian pickles.

Keep an eye on What’s On to find out when it opens.

Pitfire Pizza is a restaurant located in Dubai Hills Business Park. The doors will be unlocked in January 2024.

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