This new airline will offer affordable luxury flights between Dubai and Maldives

Do you want to begin your fantasy vacation the moment you board the plane? Then ready to fly Beond, a luxurious new airline that promises affordable luxury in the premium leisure travel business and will start flights between the Maldives and Dubai next summer.

Beond just offers business-class seats, duplicating the private aircraft experience with best-in-class facilities, an excellent gourmet menu, and dedicated care to ensure that your vacation begins the minute you board. Best of all, in addition to sumptuous business class, the airline promises ‘premium economy pricing,’ with prices starting at EUR1,500 (Dhs6,000).

The airline has started operations with three routes from the Maldives to Riyadh, Zurich, and Munich, which are now open for booking. But, starting next summer, they’ll also be adding Dubai and Milan, making your next long weekend trip a bit more luxurious.

Because the in-flight experience is primarily focused on offering visitors with a luxury and personal experience, there are only 44 seats aboard, set in a 2 x 2 configuration. Optimares-designed leather seats in elegant, calming cream are amply sized and spaciously placed, and they’re cleanly equipped out with Beond-branded amenities in trademark orange and slate grey as you get onboard. At ease slippers make you feel right at home, there’s a pillow and blanket for some R&R in-flight on your lie-flat seat that doubles as a bed, and a leather amenity kit is stocked with a toothbrush, sanitiser, and even pillow mist to ensure you’re feeling refreshed as you prepare to land.

There’s also a focus on high-end technology. Each passenger is given Beats headphones (noise cancelling, we can add) and an iPad to view a selection of blockbuster films, funny shows or podcasts. Would you rather watch on your phone? Just connect the headphones to your phone and start streaming.

The service is of the finest quality that one would expect in business class. On arrival, guests are given cool towels and fresh drinks. Throughout the trip, flight attendants walk by, offering to put down mattresses for individuals looking to sleep or giving drinks and juices.

An a la carte menu goes well beyond the typical gastronomic the provision on a flight, with passengers able to ask for items such as wagyu beef and Maldivian lobster. Food is presented quickly on elegant chinaware, making you feel as if you’re at a fine dining restaurant as you are on a flight.

And when you arrive at your final destination, it’s as if the sky began before the wheels ever hit the runway.

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