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Miami Vibes Food Festival returns to Abu Dhabi in October

With the amount of new restaurants opening their doors in the UAE, foodies have plenty of options to satiate their cravings. When it comes to food festivals, though, nothing beats the phrases Miami Vibes Food Festival.

Visitors to Dubai last experienced the famed culinary fair in February, when it stood out in a lovely purple colour at Dar Wasl. The team has already declared that it will return to Abu Dhabi in October 2023.

Go green…

It appears to have a whole new colour scheme – a shade of green. The season will begin on Saadiyat Island, most likely the grassy space close to the Louvre Abu Dhabi. The culinary festival will take place from Friday, October 27 through Friday, November 9, 2023.

Previously, the colour palette was clearly visible throughout the event and the venue, making it a popular among Instagram inhabitants. The previous motif was purple, and guests to Dar Wasl were surrounded by various colours of purple, from the tables and carpets to the huge purple ice creams and palm trees.

And we may expect the same thing this time, but in green.

What can you expect at Miami Vibes?

Expect food… and a lot of it if you’re new to Miami Vibes or haven’t been there before.

Chunk Bakehouse, Fritz, One Wheel Ticket, Baofriend, Taqado Mexican Kitchen, Sauce Diner, Ali Bhai, Senior Taco, Tonda Pizza, Swirl Bowls, and others used to be prominent food sellers. There are also a variety of locations to purchase at homegrown heroes and even places to go creative at the site.

Aside from that, the festival is jam-packed with Instagrammable moments, pop-up boutiques, and, of course, all the positive vibes you could want.

We can’t wait to explore…

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