UAE petrol prices for October are almost here

Gassing up your four-wheeled baby (or monster) may become a bit more expensive in October, when the UAE’s fuel rates are expected to be showed.

During this time last year, we were beginning to feel glad that temperatures in the UAE started decreasing. Fuel costs were almost the same at this time a year ago as they are now.

On the other side of the weekend, we should have reliable information and specific data. At this juncture, we’re crossing our fingers that petrol prices will begin to fall, or at least vary, following three months of in line rises over the high summer months of July, August and September.

Retail prices for Super 98, Special 95, and E-Plus 91 all increased last month, by up to 28 fils per litre over the month before it. Each of these is priced at Dhs3.42, Dhs3.31, and Dhs3.23, with diesel increasing by 45 fils to Dhs3.40.

Since the opening up of oil prices in 2015, the UAE gasoline Price Committee has announced retail gasoline prices at the end of every week for a majority of a decade.

If you’re not ready to downsize your V8, we completely understand.

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