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Where to buy Easter eggs in Dubai 2024

Therefore, in order to save you the trouble, we’ve embarked on our own Easter egg quest to find them. Easter, which is perhaps the simplest holiday to give gifts for (who doesn’t love chocolate? ), is rapidly approaching. If you’re wondering where to get the best Easter sweets in Dubai, you need look no further.

This Easter, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, ranging from vegan options to celebrity chef collaborations, and from Easter eggs you can buy at your neighborhood grocery to stunning premium eggs perfect for gifts.


Odeon is the place in Dubai that knows how to celebrate Easter. For adults and kids alike, artisanal French labels offer an extensive variety of Easter chocolate at the French restaurant and gourmet shop located in Jumeirah, satisfying their chocolate cravings. For the younger crowd, there’s a charming selection featuring the well-loved book character T’choupi, and it includes adorable chocolates shaped like dinosaurs, unicorns, and koalas from Chevalier D’argouges. Adults can enjoy the classic Mazet chocolate from Versailles, known for its Praline egg, or the health-conscious options of the Van & Rivoire range, created in association with celebrity chef Yannick Alleno. It’s safe to say that this Easter, Odeon will leave you thoroughly spoilt.

Co Chocolat

Established in Dubai by a pair of health-conscious sisters, Co Chocolat is the region’s first farm-to-table chocolate manufacturer. These eggs are produced with 4/5 dark milk chocolate, no palm oil, and less sugar if you’re looking for delicious and healthy Easter treats. Select between a box of individually wrapped mini chocolate eggs (vegan) or a basket of six eggs filled with surprises to hide about the garden.


Easter is in full swing at Fouquet’s brasserie with specially designed eggs available at Le Café and on Deliveroo. With three variations to select from—the decadent chocolate egg, priced at Dhs110; the creamy Dulcey chocolate egg, priced at Dhs140; and the gorgeous red Easter egg made of white chocolate, priced at Dhs140—these eggs, loaded with little wrapped treats, make the ideal gift.

Bijou Patisserie

Bijou Patisserie is back with Dubai’s famous chocolate Easter eggs in the style of Fabergé, perfect for anyone seeking a taste of luxury this spring. Crafted by hand using 63% dark chocolate and packed with chocolate truffles, every egg is a rich treat embellished with candy pearls. Created by Executive Pastry Chef Romain Castet, these beautiful sweets are sure to wow both your loved ones and your palate. Each enormous egg is priced at Dhs280 and is 25 centimetres in height. It is available for purchase between March 29 and April 7.


Enjoy Easter by dipping into Spinneys’ vast assortment of chocolate eggs, which range from opulent and decadent to whimsical and brimming with surprises. Along with the obligatory purchases like Lindt gold bunnies and Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, there are also impressive big eggs to behold, such as an edgy Toblerone egg packed with six little Toblerones, a Cadbury’s egg filled with Mini Eggs, Maltesers, KitKat, Tony’s Chocolonely, and more.


With just one click, Kibsons can satisfy your cravings for delicious chocolate eggs, festive décor, or the best lamb for your Easter Sunday feast. There is something for everyone, including delicious dairy-free eggs and upscale Valrhona chocolates.

Marks and Spencer

Treat yourself and your loved ones to an egg-stravaganza of delights this Easter. There’s a cute new range of animal-shaped creations, plant-based and dairy-free options, bunny-shaped cookie tins, and little hot cross bun chocolate nibbles, perfect for your kids’ animal-lover or dinosaur obsession.

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