10 Best Apps For Living In Dubai 2023

The UAE has positioned itself as a future-oriented country, therefore it goes without saying that there are several technological tools available to make our lives simpler. From applications that help you find excellent deals and discounts on food and fitness to petrol delivery, here’s a smartphone app that will save you time and money, even if you’ve lived here for five years.

Best apps for living in Dubai


You’ll never have to cook again. While there are other food delivery services available in the UAE (Deliveroo, Talabat, and CareemNow are all popular), Zomato is our go-to. It further employs GPS rather than asking for the location each time, and it swiftly confirms that the restaurant has received the order and can deliver it. Once accepted, you will receive an accurate delivery time estimate and get real-time updates on the status of your order.

Helpling ME

Sometimes things get out of hand and you realise you need to put things right soon. Helpling ME promises to be able to “book a cleaner in Dubai in just 60 seconds.”

The service is available for Dh35 per hour with a three-hour minimum, plus extra costs like as ironing or cleaning the stove or fridge. You can even pay extra for your staff to bring their own cleaning supplies, and you can easily schedule cleaners on a one-time or regular basis, either weekly or every other week.


This two-in-one software only gets better and better. “In Entertainer?” you’ll be asked during your first several weeks in the UAE. You’ll want to hear it again. It’s sometimes helpful to get to know oneself early because the goal is to save you money.

There are food offers, health and activity deals (theme parks are wonderful), and ways to pass on unused benefits to others. The base bundle is Dh495 and above.

Careem (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) / Uber (Dubai)

Although hailing a cab in the UAE is easier than in a lot of other parts of the world, many people select to use ride-hailing apps instead. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before you start. To begin with, Uber is no longer available in Abu Dhabi, but UberEATS is. In Abu Dhabi, use Karim, whereas in Dubai, you can choose between the two.

However, under Uber, you have many options: select UberX for a cheaper service, UberONE for “premium” electric cars, or Uber Chopper if you’re ready to part with some cash and make an entrance on your monthly supermarket buying it.


Do you want to take use of the city’s greatest hotels’ opulence pools and beach clubs, or even gyms? You no longer have to pay for a staycation if you use Privelee.

After paying the membership fee, the app provides unlimited access to 49 pools and beach clubs around the UAE, and also discounts at over 56 five-star gyms and hundreds of linked restaurants. It currently contains over 1000 free fitness courses and sporting activities like tennis and pumpkin, along with major savings on watersports and golf. In Dubai, membership packages begin at Dh529 per month.


You’ve been here for two years and your only Arabic is “kalas” or “falafel”? Here’s how to fix it. Many people were happy to hear that Arabic is now available on Duolingo.

The software claims to teach you Arabic in five minutes a day, teaching scholars how to recognise letters and sounds before building sentences and phrases. The app isn’t afraid to give you a reminder to remind you to exercise every day; if you don’t check in for a few days, expect them to get pretty passive-aggressive. It’s completely free.


Washmen is an excellent application for those of us in Dubai who are too lazy to do our own laundry. With a few easy taps, an enjoyable washer driver will arrive at your door to collect your laundry (in one of their own bags). Specify when you need to return your laundry. When it arrives, it is neatly pressed, cleaned, and wrapped.

Washmen also encourages social media participation, and you can get rewards for referring their services to friends and family.

Insta Shop

We know, we know – there’s a trend here: we’re providing you the means to practically never leave your sofa again. However, assuming you’re an effective human who will put this extra time to good use, there are many benefits to having someone else do the shopping for you.

Buy what you need from Insta Shop and have them delivered to your home in under an hour – ideal if you’re in the middle of a dinner party, unable to leave the house, or in the middle of nowhere. I forgot an important component in the recipe. You can pay with a credit card or cash on delivery.

Smart Drive (Dubai)

The Dubai Road Transport Authority (RTA) SmartDrive app has three outstanding features.

For starters, it’s more detailed than Google Maps and more easier to use. You enter your location and it produces a list of possible routes. Choose one, and the voice – a female talking excellent and discreet English – informs you precisely where to go (and even which lane to be on). If you miss a turn, you will be guided automatically.


Fetchr is a quick and convenient courier company for deliveries within the UAE, whether you are the sender or the destination. Drivers will pick up and deliver a document or parcel, using your phone’s GPS to determine your position.

Select a time slot for pickup and delivery and watch the progress of your product. It’s a valuable delivery tool for new brands and businesses, and Sellr by Fetchr supports cash-on-delivery payment options for emerging firms selling things on social media.

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