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5 of the best bakeries to curb your craving for cookies and in Dubai

We’re talking ooey, gooey, wonderfully decadent, and completely out of this world. Cookies are such a good snack, and there are more and more businesses in Dubai that are coming up and giving us the perfect method to satisfy our cookie appetite. We have you covered if you want a simple chocolate chip or a delicately spiced disc of pleasure.


Dubai’s newest cookie outpost. Crumb is a London export who has swiftly taken over social media – and with a good purpose. We like the miso and white chocolate cookie, but you should also try their Horlicks ice cream and banana toast latte.

Billionaire Cookies

They don’t legally have a shop, but if you’re going to get cookies delivered, this is certainly the place to do it. You’ll never get bored with the new flavours that come out every week.

Just a bite

Just a Bite is another store in Dubai that serves cookies across the city. It is a handmade and homegrown concept that can frequently be seen at charming markets around the city.

Crumb & Co.

Crumb & Co, located at the Neighbourhood Food Hall in Motor City, specialises in a wide range of tasty baked products, like doughnuts, croissants, tarts, and more. But the main draw lies in their delicious cookies.


These cookies are lovely and delicious, created from scratch to order, and are yet another homegrown and handcrafted creativity in Dubai. However, be sure you place an order using their WhatsApp number.

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