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Indulge Your Appetite with 5 Sensational Barbecue Dishes

paradise, with an array of delectable smoked, grilled and flame-kissed offerings to satisfy any craving. From melt-in-your-mouth brisket burnt ends to secret-recipe ribs and pulled pork, the visiting pitmasters will serve up their competition-winning specialties using time-honored traditions and techniques.

Attendees can embark on a mouthwatering barbecue tour without leaving Abu Dhabi, sampling these five sensational dishes:

Smoked Beef Brisket

Competition-grade smoked brisket requires masterful expertise to perfect the balance of smoky intensity and tender, buttery meat. The pitmasters will demonstrate their brisket mastery by slow-smoking only the finest cuts over specialty wood before slicing to order.

Festivalgoers can expect gloriously succulent and beefy flavor in every forkful of these expertly-crafted barbecue specimens.

Kansas City Burnt Ends

Burnt ends are the ultimate brisket treat – flavorful morsels of beef transformed into crispy, saucy perfection. The visiting Kansas City pit crews will work their magic on prime point-cut brisket, cubing and twice-cooking the ends to achieve the perfect char.

Festival attendees will be able to sample these melt-in-your-mouth meat candies loaded with smoky sweetness and peppery zip.

Memphis Dry Rub Ribs

Memphis dry rub ribs get their extraordinary flavor from special spice blends crusting the pork during its long smoke bath. The ribs at the festival will likely feature rubs with paprika, brown sugar, garlic and secret ingredients.

Attendees can expect these competition-style ribs to reach the pinnacle of flavor and tenderness, with just the right tug and a world of smoky, savory goodness in every bite.

South Carolina Pulled Pork

Authentic South Carolina pulled pork starts with patiently smoked whole hog taken to melting tenderness. The pitmasters will then “pull” the pork by hand, gently shredding the meat into long, juicy strands bathed in peppery vinegar sauce.

Festival attendees can expect to enjoy this regional specialty the traditional way – on a soft bun with coleslaw and pickles – or sample inventive culinary twists.

Texas Smoked Sausage

Texas-style smoked sausages often share the pit with briskets to absorb abundant smoke flavor. The festival’s visiting pit crews will grill up plump, bursting-with-juice smoked links packed with well-seasoned beef and pork.

Attendees can expect intense smoky goodness and addictive meaty pepperiness in every satisfying bite.

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