Minor earthquake recorded in Dibba Al Fujairah

The earthquake happened just after 6.15 a.m. and was reported by locals…

The National Centre of Meterology (NCM) identified a mild earthquake in Dibba Al Fujairah this morning, Wednesday, October 11.

The earthquake had a rating of 1.6 on the Richter scale and had just a slight impact on Dibba people. The quake happened early Wednesday morning at a depth of 5km, at 6.18am local time, with no damage felt by the rest of the UAE.

Does the UAE ever get earthquakes?

The danger of a large earthquake is a natural fact for many cities.

Thankfully, the UAE is not located on a fault line, so the likelihood of an earthquake is quite low – but that doesn’t mean we don’t get tremors from time to time.

The UAE is located on the Arabian Tectonic Plate, which is pushing on the Eurasian Plate. The border of those plates, the Zagros mountain belt of Iran, is one of the world’s most active regions for earthquakes.

Here’s a world map showing the tectonic plates:

Because of Iran’s closeness to the UAE, when an earthquake of significant magnitude strikes, Dubai often suffers mild to moderate tremors (as do the northern emirates, but due to Dubai’s high-rises, they are felt more strongly here).

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