Take note: British passport application fees to increase next month

Organising a vacation? His Majesty’s Passport Office has announced that British passport fees will be increasing shortly, so don’t forget to check your passport. The UK government will impose new costs on all online, postal, and oversees passport applications and renewals as of April 11, 2024.

Therefore, you might want to renew your passport as soon as possible if you require a new one.

The application fees for British passports are scheduled to alter on April 11, 2024.

What are the new fees?

The following are the suggested increases, which need to be approved by parliament:

1. For adults, a regular online application from within the UK will increase to GBP88.50 (from GBP82.50) and for children, to GBP57.50 (from GBP53.50).

2. The cost of a typical postal application will rise to GBP69.00 for kids and GBP100 (from GBP93) for adults.

3. When applying from overseas, the regular online application will cost GBP101 for adults and GBP65.50 for children.

4. When applying from overseas, the cost of a regular paper application will rise to GBP77.00 for minors and GBP111.250 for adults.

According to a statement from the Home Office, “the new fees will help ensure that income from these applications better meets the cost of delivering passport and associated operations, reducing reliance on funding from general taxation.”

“The fees help cover the cost of processing applications for passports, providing consular assistance abroad (including for misplaced or stolen passports), and processing British nationals at UK borders. Additionally, the increase will make it possible for the government to keep enhancing its offerings.

The last time the price of a UK passport was up was in February 2023—that was the first increase in five years.

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