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In the UAE, obtaining a driver’s licence is a significant achievement. It is not too difficult to obtain a driver’s licence if you reside in the Abu Dhabi emirate. The first step in the process is to register for driving lessons at the Emirates Driving Company and start a traffic file with the Abu Dhabi Drivers and Vehicles Licencing Department. We’re going to provide you all the specifics about this driving school in Abu Dhabi today, including its services, registration procedures, and other important information like hours, locations, and contact information.

About Emirates Driving Company

The Emirates Driving Company (EDC), often known as Emirates Driving School, is an Abu Dhabi driving school that offers instruction in road safety for a variety of car models. It is the sole driving school in Abu Dhabi at the moment, having opened its doors in 2000.

You must enrol in classes at the Emirates Driving Company in order to obtain your driving licence if you rent an apartment or villa in Abu Dhabi. Let’s examine the many courses that this driving school in Abu Dhabi offers in more detail.

Emirates Driving Company Courses

Currently, the Emirates Driving School in Abu Dhabi offers several driving programmes for the following kinds of vehicles:

  • Big Truck
  • hefty bus
  • Light Bus
  • Little Forklift
  • hefty forklift

The Abu Dhabi location of Emirates Driving School offers comprehensive driving instruction covering all the necessary subjects to help students become safe drivers. This covers driving laws, speed limits, road signs, markings, and driving etiquette in addition to driving behaviour. The institute also teaches subjects including how to handle emergency circumstances, how to drive in bad weather, the mechanics of auto accidents, and general passenger safety.

Driving Classes in Abu Dhabi

There are theory and practical classes at the Emirates Driving School Abu Dhabi. The candidates need to pass the theoretical test and finish eight theory classes before they can begin the practical sessions.

Upon passing the theory exam, candidates can start working with an instructor in practical training sessions.

Before taking the final road test, newcomers must complete 19 classes of practical training.

Individuals who have driven before can finish their courses in 12 to 15 classes. But this can change based on the kind of car the candidate wants to learn about.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to obtain an Abu Dhabi driving licence to learn all the specifics about the process and cost.

How to Register for Driving Classes at EDC?

Since Emirates Driving Company is the only driving school in Abu Dhabi, all UAE citizens who want to get a driving licence there must register with them. The applicant must first open a file with the Abu Dhabi Drivers and Vehicles Licencing Department in order to do this.

Once the file has been opened, first-time applicants can go to the EDC and register for driving lessons by bringing the required paperwork:

Application number for the file is now open with the Department of Vehicle Licencing and Drivers of Abu Dhabi Police

if available, a copy of another driver’s licence

authentic Emirates ID

a copy of the current training authorization

Upon completion of registration and payment of any fees, candidates can start their driving instruction at the EDC.

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