Dates and new attractions announced for Liwa Village Festival 2023

Last year, the LIWA Village rose from the shifting sands of Abu Dhabi’s desert to present a festival featuring a diverse selection of creative entertainment experiences and expertly planned attractions.

How you dune?

And now we have some dates to share with you. Not the dates for the Liwa Date Festival, which is something else completely. These are the official calendar dates for Liwa Village Festival 2023, which will be taking place on and near Moreeb Dune, one of the world’s tallest sand dunes, from December 8 to December 31. We’re praying for the best.

New for 2023

The organisers stated that the next extended and expanded second edition of Liwa Village will have “new IP for kids and families every weekend along with local, regional, and internationally popular artists” during an Abu Dhabi Calendar events release on Wednesday, October 4.

The best of yester year

Visitors had access to concerts, family activities, shows, rides, arcade gaming, spectacular immersive dining possibilities, engaging demonstrations of Emirati heritage and crafts, eGaming tournaments, souk shopping from top-tier local fashion brands, and more during the 2022 session.

GAZE Immersive Dining

The GAZE Immersive Dining experience, dubbed “a dining environment interwoven with digital technology under the stars,” promised to be like any other you’ve had. Antika and Zuma both have pop-ups there.


A Frnd of Mine; EBL; House of Artisans; Chitral Handicrafts; Elevenish; and Apparel Group are among the touring traders selling excellent off-the-rack items.

There were also a spice market, henna art, khoos basket weaving shows, and live Emirati culinary demos, along with to some of the most well-known brands in the local and global casual dining industry. High Joint, Nap Pizza, Boh’ba Bubble Tea, Space Cafe, Scoppi Ice Cream, Flurry, and Acai Kingdom are all on the menu.


Was your GPS location for a crafting or restful escape from the festival’s hectic pace? Terrarium production, jewellery design, pottery pot painting, and tea trips were within the offerings available here. Mattar Farm, The Giving Movement, Culinary Botique, Turquoise Boutique Studio, DRVN, Nikon Kids Photo Club, Let’s Cafe, and others donated.


A further part of the Village devoted to the search of calm and the enjoyment of perfectionism in art.

Play Zone

There was also other unusual ways to spend screen time in Liwa Village. There are eGaming rivals plus arcade and skill games available.


Finally, the specialise performance zone during the Liwa Festival gave an immersive platform for showing Arabian talent.

Further details will be provided as soon as they become accessible.

Last year’s pin drop happened at this Google Map location on December 8, 2023.

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