Essential Information about Dubai’s New Student NOL Card

The new student NOL card launched in Dubai provides upgraded benefits and convenience for students aged 5-23 enrolled in recognized institutions. With enhanced discounts on transportation and additional savings at retail outlets, the card aims to improve the student experience in Dubai and beyond.

Overview of the new student NOL card in Dubai

The student NOL card allows cardholders to receive up to 70% off at participating retail outlets in Dubai and the UAE, building on existing transport fare reductions of up to 50%. It serves as both a transport payment method and international student ID that can be used globally. Parents also have the ability to conveniently manage their children’s card balance and expenses.

The card was designed specifically for use on RTA-operated transport like metro, tram, bus, and marine transit. It represents Dubai’s ongoing efforts to make life easier for students by providing discounts, streamlining payments, and enabling parental oversight.

Importance of the upgraded benefits for students

The additional discounts and perks available through the new student NOL card provide tangible financial benefits for families. With savings on transportation, retail shopping, entertainment, and more, students gain more affordable access to experiences that enrich their education and personal growth.

Enabling convenient digital payments across different sectors also allows students to manage their own expenses responsibly with parental supervision. Overall, the card upgrades make life more affordable and accessible for Dubai’s student community.

Features of the New Student NOL Card

The student NOL card provides cardholders with up to 50% off fares on RTA-operated transport in Dubai, including metro, tram, bus, marine transit, and more. This builds on existing student fare policies to maximize savings on daily transit for travel to school, activities, events, and more.

Parental control over card balance and expenses

The new card also provides parents with convenient digital oversight of their children’s transport and retail expenses. Through online accounts, parents can manage card balances, view transaction history, set daily spending limits, and receive notifications about usage. This oversight can help promote responsible spending habits and financial literacy in students.

Eligibility and Application Process

To be eligible for the student NOL card, applicants must be between 5 and 23 years old and enrolled full-time at a recognized nursery, school, university, or other academic institution in Dubai. Part-time students and those enrolled in uncertified institutions do not currently qualify for the card and its benefits.

How to apply for the new student NOL card

Eligible students can apply for the upgraded NOL student card through the RTA website, NOL card app, approved retail outlets, and metro station ticket offices. Applicants need valid Emirates ID and student ID documents to confirm eligibility. There is a one-time fee of AED 25 to issue the card.

International Student ID Card

One of the main features of the new Dubai student nol card is that it serves as an international student ID card. This means students can use the card for identification and access student discounts not just in Dubai and the UAE, but also when traveling abroad to other countries.

Having an internationally recognized student ID card is very convenient for Dubai’s student population, which includes many expats and children of expat families. With this card, students can seamlessly access student rates, offers, and services no matter where they travel to for holidays or study programs.

Advantages for students traveling abroad and accessing various services

The international student ID functionality of Dubai’s new nol card can benefit traveling students in a variety of ways. When visiting other countries, they can use the card to get student discounts on:

  • Public transportation – trains, buses, metro systems
  • Museum, zoo, cinema tickets
  • Eating out at restaurants, cafes, fast food chains
  • Accommodation at youth hostels, hotels, etc.
  • Entry to nightclubs, concerts, festivals, and other events
  • Sporting facilities like gyms, swimming pools, ski passes
  • Retail purchases – clothing brands, technology, stationary, books

The above list is just a sample of the types of student discounts and privileges the card can unlock in different parts of the world. Students planning overseas trips can research destinations in advance to find out which attractions, tours, stores, etc. offer student rates so they can better plan their itineraries.

Parental Control and Convenience

Dubai’s new student nol card also offers parents a convenient way to top up their children’s card balance as well as manage and control expenses.

Parents first need to activate a linked wallet account on the nol card website or mobile app using their Emirates ID. Once activated, parents can easily top up their child’s nol card with money to be used for transportation fares or retail discounts.

The online nol card account gives parents visibility of all transactions made using their child’s card. They can view purchase history, statements, auto top up the balance when low, set daily/weekly/monthly spending limits tailored to their budget and even block certain merchant categories as required.

Overall, Dubai’s student nol card offers parents technology-enabled control and convenience regarding children’s transport and retail transactions. This makes it easier to teach young children good financial habits.

Importance of parental control for student spending habits

Parental management of the student nol card spending is important to instill good financial habits in children from a young age. As students increasingly make independent purchases, monitoring their spending patterns helps guide them to save money and spend responsibly within budget limits.

Oversight of children’s expenses is also essential to prevent overspending or exposure to potential fraud. Parents can catch suspicious transactions early and take corrective actions as needed when they actively track the student nol card balance and transaction logs.

Ultimately, the Dubai student nol card equips parents to involve children in basic money management from a young age. This financial education through practical experience helps nurture good lifetime spending and budgeting habits even after students transition into adulthood and financial independence.


Dubai’s new student nol card offers an array of benefits tailored to meet the needs of student residents aged 5-23 years old. Key features like the globally recognized student ID, parental financial controls and sizeable transport/retail discounts enhance convenience and savings for cardholders. Students gain ease of access to student rates within Dubai and internationally. Parents can actively manage children’s spending to coach good financial habits. Overall, the card upgrades the student living experience in Dubai and cements the emirate’s reputation as an attractive global study destination.

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