How to recycle your electronic waste in Dubai

Considering how quickly technology is developing, many electronic devices and machinery need to be upgraded on a regular basis.In order to encourage sustainability, Dubai gives people access to cutting-edge technology and handles the recycling of e-waste. Find out how to recycle your electronic waste in Dubai if you intend to buy an expensive new device.

E-Waste recycling in Dubhai how to recyle E-waste in Dubai in a responsible manner

Getting in touch with your local municipality and setting up an e-waste pickup is the most common approach for recycling your electronic waste in Dubai.

Electronic waste recycling is made easier by Dubai Municipality recycling sites, which are spread throughout the emirate and provide other services. Dubai Recycling Centres are located in a number of well-known communities, including Downtown Dubai, Bur Dubai, and Deira.

Aside from that, you can leave the electronic garbage to be handled by some e-waste recycling firms in Dubai.

List of the most popular E-Waste recycling companies in Dubai


Award-winning EnviroServe is a Dubai-based e-waste management company that has been authorised by the Dubai Municipality and Ministry of Environment.

The company has an extensive facility that can recycle 40,000 tonnes of e-waste, which includes appliances used in the military and consumer items. Batteries, cell phones, air conditioners, and IT equipment can all be recycled.

Enviroserve does all tasks, including data cleaning and sorting. If you have a lot of rubbish, you can give them a call to learn more about their free collection service. You’ll get paid for your personal garbage.


Another recycling business in Dubai that is dedicated to offering a sustainable waste management system is Averda. The business provides services to businesses across multiple cities and industries. In Dubai, Averda offers dependable and practical electronic waste recycling solutions to both large and small enterprises.

They offer e-waste pickup among their services. Clients are able to arrange for a pick-up at the times of their choice. The business uses transformers, which are capable of turning garbage into precious metals like aluminium. Their “Smart Recycling Centres” sort through dumped rubbish using solar panel-powered machinery and sensors. Approximately 2,703 tonnes of e-waste are sorted for recycling by Averda each week.

Planet green

Planet Green comes next in our ranking. The business provides e-waste recycling services in Dubai while sticking to ecologically conscious practices. The best value-added solutions for IT gear, cell phones, computers, RAM, CPUs, display panels, and battery-operated toys can be found at Planet Green. They serve humans as well as companies.

Planet Green destroys or recycles electronic devices while protecting the data of its clients. A recycling certificate showing the quantity of goods destroyed and processed will be given by them.

Escrappy recyclers

With the ability to recycle a variety of common electronic products, Escrappy Recyclers can handle everything from batteries and discarded wires to air conditioners and cellphones.

The ISO-accredited business safely destroys personal information before breaking down and recycling electronics debris. A thorough inventory report, a green recycling certificate, and free pick-up and return on valuable items are more amenities they provide their clients.


Ecyclex has been a recognised recycler for electronic trash in Dubai since 1995. Customers in the city can receive tailored waste management and recycling solutions from the corporation.

To date, Eycyclex has recycled almost 162,000 tonnes of materials. Data storage devices, cables, wires, power equipment, and other electrical goods are their main recyclables.

Everything is taken care of by Eyclex, includes recycling and repurposing in addition to packaging and storing.

The Dubai Municipality, Trakhees, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Tadweer are all behind Eyclex.

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