Make your life easier with these grocery apps in Dubai

Everyone has experienced the sense of having an empty pantry making demands even when they don’t want to go grocery shopping. It’s not ideal to have to drag yourself around the shop, wishing you were somewhere else, is it? Here’s the good news, though! If you live in Dubai, you can put an end to such strain because a number of online providers guarantee that those necessities will be delivered right to your door. Bid farewell to the weekly trolley dash by reading our guide to the top grocery apps in Dubai!

Grocery Shopping Apps in Dubai

Here is a list of the most well-liked grocery apps in Dubai, where you can browse and shop for groceries and home goods by tapping and swiping. The following list of grocery delivery applications is accessible for both iOS and Android users.


When Instashop, an app for food and grocery delivery, first launched in 2015, it was limited to a small area of Dubai Marina. One of the greatest grocery buying applications in Dubai, it then progressively expanded to the majority of Dubai and other United Arab Emirates regions. The app provides everything you could possibly need, including organic items, games, toys, pet food, cosmetics, and everyday grocery.

  • The Instashop Dubai app is easy to use; after entering your address, it shows you a list of nearby supermarkets.
  • Choose your products, then decide which retailer you prefer.
  • On delivery, cash or credit card payments are accepted; online payments in advance are also accepted.

El Grocer

El Grocer selects the partner supermarket that is closest to you, giving you the option to select your products online. Approximately one hour will pass before your groceries are delivered to your door, based on the availability of the items.

Depending on where you live, different stores have different delivery fees. The app is among the greatest grocery apps in Dubai that appeals to a wide range of users because it is also available in Arabic.


An app called Kibsons caters to consumers who enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables from all over the world, with a good assortment of organic produce available.

Additionally, you have the option to request environmentally friendly packaging, in which case your produce will be delivered in cartons as opposed to plastic bags. Free delivery is available to customers who spend more than AED 30.


Do you want your veggies and fruits delivered? The NRTC Fresh app is among the greatest choices out there. They offer the best discounts on the freshest items delivered straight to your door from their farm. Every day, this grocery app is known to import over 400 tonnes of fresh produce from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, and Morocco.


When looking for a supermarket delivery app in Dubai that focuses in meat goods, you may shop for meats using the Springbok app, where you can specify the exact cut you desire. It was founded by South Africans, as the name implies, and delivers fresh steaks, cattle, chicken, lamb, hog, and seafood.


Obtain all of your groceries each month by using the Talabat app, which is well-liked for its meal delivery features. To browse through all the fresh food, poultry, snacks, and necessities you require, navigate to the Talabat Mart section of the app. Reputable for its quick delivery, it saves you the trouble of going to the grocery store. It’s even more enjoyable to use because of the user-friendly layout and sporadic discounts.


From its beginnings as a cab app, Careem has developed into an app that provides more services. At the moment, it offers groceries delivery, vehicle rentals, laundry, house cleaning, flowers, and pharmacies!

With Quik Groceries and “Supermarkets,” two of Careem’s grocery services, you may get your necessities delivered right to your door. A wide selection of fresh food, fruit, and necessities are available at Quik Grocery. You may access well-known stores like Jones the Grocer, IKEA, Bayara, and more with the “Supermarkets” service. Promo codes are periodically available on the Careem app, which is fantastic if you want to save money.

Apps by Supermarkets in Dubi

There are grocery ordering apps specifically designed for some of the city’s well-known supermarkets. In this manner, you can maintain your devotion to your preferred supermarket and link your loyalty points, if they have one.

Let’s examine the most widely used grocery apps in Dubai.

Union Coop

Known for its superior products, Union Coop also offers a smartphone app through which customers can access a range of digital services. The brands and costs supplied in-store are matched by Union Coop’s online grocery delivery service in Dubai.

LULU Hypermarket: LULU Shopping App and Amazon Fresh

Our next software lets you make purchases from the well-known LuLu retail chain while you’re on the road. With the help of this app, which goes by the name Lulu Shopping, you can instantly view the most recent specials and discounts at both the LuLu Webstore and your local LuLu Hypermarket.

Your groceries will be delivered by the hypermarket the same day, or at most the day after you place your order. This app also features your favourite companies, such as Apple, Geepas, etc.

Waitrose: Waitrose UAE Grocery Delivery App

Waitrose is a fantastic online grocery delivery app that you can download to get products from one of the most well-known supermarkets in the UAE. It’s really simple to create an account; just enter your address and you’re set. It’s easy to see your cart, add new goods, and review old orders with the straightforward layout. Members of Waitrose are eligible for all of the store’s offerings.

Spinneys: Spinneys Grocery Delivery UAE

An app developed by Spinneys grocery provides 60-minute delivery services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and certain areas of Sharjah. The Spinneys app offers a selection of baked goods and fresh groceries, just like the grocery. If your order is less than AED 350, delivery fees will be AED 15.

Choithrams: Choithrams Grocery Delivery

Choithrams shop offers fresh ingredients and necessary to liven up your cuisine, with a greater selection of Asian products. You can browse through every food item you’ll find in the store with this app, which also has an intriguing addition: a collection of recipes. You can order goods from Choithrams that you don’t have at home and find new recipes here.

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